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balance pot for NAC 32

Discussion in 'd.i.y.' started by Ewen1970, Aug 6, 2019.

  1. Ewen1970

    Ewen1970 The Ocean Doesn't Want Me

    any suggestions for a replacement for one of these?

    Many thx
  2. MJS

    MJS Trade: Consultant at WH Audio

    To be honest we've never had to change one. Some say you're better off without it and it can be linked out, provided you don't actually need it of course. The alternative is to use de-oxit on it if it's noisy. This works really well on these pots because you can get the fluid onto the working area through the little holes in the side.

    If anyone does need to change one they'll need the specific log law balance pot. They're designed so that at centre both tracks are still relatively low resistance on opposite sides then tail off rapidly when moved. This can be approximated with a linear pot and some resistors to a degree.
  3. colasblue

    colasblue pfm Member

    You can't actually buy a direct replacement anymore

    The correct pot is 10KAK or 10KRD but there are no manufacturers anymore.

    I had to replace the one on my 82 since I'd worn out the 1mm of travel I ever used and used a 10K linear pot with 470R dropping resistors to alter the characteristic. 20K with 1K would have been closer to the original circuit but ALPS don't make a 20K linear motorised pot.

    It works perfectly well.

    If cleaning it works then result - try that, if not there is now a credible plan B

    If you don't ever twiddle the knob though just bypass it with wire links. No need to faff about with the system of resistors some propose to keep the gain identical, just link and turn it up a bit less.
    MJS likes this.
  4. snowman_al

    snowman_al pfm Member

    Ewen, I have a scrap NAC42 board with a balance pot on it. I believe it is the same value as the NAC32? Some one will confirm it?

    It is the larger size version, but your NAC32 should have 2 sets of mounting holes (one for the small pot and one for the larger size) so most likely will fit.
    PM me if interested, Alan

  5. MJS

    MJS Trade: Consultant at WH Audio

    Regarding the Alps motorised pots - I couldn't find the 10k motorised balance either.

    They clearly make them to order for volume customers though (excuse the pun). I was asked to look at a Cyrus amp that had volume and balance setting issues. They have two custom Alps pots inside, each with a logarithmic volume track and a linear feedback track. The remote or front panel software could change the volume balance by changing the relative positions of them. The feedback track had become noisy so these two just sat there hunting for the correct position. I decided I couldn't fix that.
    Ewen1970 likes this.
  6. Ewen1970

    Ewen1970 The Ocean Doesn't Want Me

    Interesting stuff guys. My problem is this...

    I've had this 32 for a while and it started losing the left channel occasionally so I assumed it was the volume pot. I picked up another ALPs black and dropped that in and thought that had fixed the problem, but it came back again. When the left channel drops out a quick tweak of the volume or balance control usually kicks the left channel back in.

    Anyway I bought a 32.5 recently and that seems to be ok suggesting there is a fault with my 32.

    There is however a possibility that it isn't the pre amp at all and rather it could be my Hackernap.

    From what is written above I am guessing that you think it is unlikely to be the balance right?

    More investigation needed my end I suspect, but many thanks for your pointers as always!

    Mark (MJS) I wish you still lived nearby it would be great to be able to catch up with you on these sort of things!!!

    Thanks all Ewen
  7. cctaylor

    cctaylor pfm Member

    I had problems with my 32 losing channels, in my case it was the input selector. A good spray with contact cleaner and turning knob back and forth a good few times fixed it. If the 32.5 has the old fashioned switch on the front panel could be worth a go.
    Ewen1970 likes this.
  8. Ewen1970

    Ewen1970 The Ocean Doesn't Want Me

    Thanks. Hadn’t considered that. Will give that a try next...
  9. Ewen1970

    Ewen1970 The Ocean Doesn't Want Me

    Snowman_al, thanks for your offer. Let me try the other options first and will drop you a pm!

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