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Big changes in your lifetime?

Discussion in 'off topic' started by The Far North, Aug 25, 2019.

  1. Joe P

    Joe P certified Buffologist / mod

    The single, biggest change in my lifetime has been quality of life. Life was so much better during my youth.

    Yet, during those halcyon years, we also suffered unspeakable hardships kids today could not fathom. Snow was deeper, destinations were uphill — both ways!, we had to look up stuff in books at libraries, and damned if you could buy fruit any fancier than a banana.

    So, yes, the biggest change in my lifetime is that everything is worse today and yet they were even worse before. Even the Great Oracle at Delphi cannot resolve this conundrum.

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  2. Bob McC

    Bob McC Living the life of Riley

    I have a completely different opinion.
    The previous generation to mine saw two world wars which if they survived they ended working in factories or down pits with little regard to health and safety.
    They died from simple injuries because antibiotics didn’t exist and there was no NHS.
    The vast majority of men were dead within 5 years of retiring at 65, if they reached it.
    Rickets, Polio, diphtheria and TB were rife.

    Since then opportunity, life expectancy, health and wealth have never been better.

    This is the golden age.
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  3. Joe P

    Joe P certified Buffologist / mod

    And thanks to anti-vaxxers, polio, diphtheria and TB can be rife again.


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  4. mjw

    mjw pfm Member

    You were lucky. There were 16 of us living in a shoe box in t’middle o’t’road and all we had for tea were an andful of grit.
    But, we were appy.
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  5. eternumviti

    eternumviti Bloviating Brexiter

    Nitomors. The fumes alone used to take a layer of skin off your face at 5 feet, now it couldn't take the skin off a rice pudding when directly applied and left to stew for half a day. Bloody useless.
  6. Vinny

    Vinny pfm Member

    Leaving the EU without a deal.
  7. Jamie

    Jamie pfm Member

    Not having to 'make beds'. I recall my parents buying us what were known as continental quilts, quite radical in the early 70's. Now known as duvets, and now with fitted sheets, it's a doddle (unless you are a nurse?).
  8. sean99

    sean99 pfm Member

    I seem to remember in my youth the UK was a stable, functioning, parliamentary democracy. My what changes we’ve seen.
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  9. awkwardbydesign

    awkwardbydesign Officially Awesome

    My dad made me strip the paint off the bricks on our outside loo with Nitromors. I blame him for my subsequent drug addiction.
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  10. Cereal Killer

    Cereal Killer fourhundredandthirtytwo

    I used to use nitromors to strip my bike frames before a respray
  11. russel

    russel ./_dazed_and_confused

    I bet schools today do not have shelves of potassium metal in oil, sodium in oil, phosphorus, I kid you not, in oil which were in glass jars without any type of locking mechanism all stored at schoolchild hand height, neither will they have an open masak alloy furnace that the school idiot was persuaded to drop magnesium wire into, luckily he wasn’t persuaded to do anything with the phosphorus.
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  12. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    Is new Nitromors no good then? I bought some a few weeks ago as I’ve a couple of old door latches and bakelite door handles in my house that would look far better stripped back to the original finish. No idea when I’ll get round to doing it though. I just grabbed some as the local Homebase or whatever its called was going bust again and pretty much giving everything away!
  13. gintonic

    gintonic 50 shades of grey pussy cats

    I used some from Homebase a few weeks ago on an old gate. Worked perfectly well and as expected.
  14. tiggers

    tiggers pfm Member

    It's fine and will work, but it's not as good in terms of actually stripping paint as it used to be. Takes more applications to remove a lot of layers whereas the original stuff was much more effective in smaller doses. To be fair though the current stuff is probably a lot safer and less environmentally hostile than the original formulation and if you've not used the original stuff you'd not be any the wiser anyway.
  15. Rob998

    Rob998 Scimmia Nordoccidentale

    Stella Artois went from reassuringly expensive 5.2% Belgian brewed, premium export lager, a bit hard to find, to always on special offer 4.8%, brewed in Wales slosh, found in every corner shop.
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  16. deanf

    deanf pfm Member

    We used to drink that in the Hacienda from the can. It’s plastic pots in most clubs now, well the good ones anyway.
  17. vuk

    vuk \o/ choose anarchy

    there is a lot more to meaningful existence than hobbling on beyond the age of 65. you are essentially making a consumerist argument. "more" is not a philosophy of life.
  18. RJohan

    RJohan pfm Member

    As the thread begun with the space age. When I was a kid in the 1960's the future would be space rockets and electric cars. What did we get? 140 letters (tweeter or what ever it's called) and pics of kittens. Thankfully Mr Musk has set the future back to it's right course!!!

    That's two big changes.
  19. Big Tabs

    Big Tabs hearing problems

    "...it's a doddle (unless you are a nurse?)"

    I am a nurse (R.N. ret.) - are you able to elucidate on your remark?
  20. Jamie

    Jamie pfm Member

    Not meant as a derogatory comment, just that in hospitals they don't have duvets (at least not when I was last in), so still have to do it the old fashioned way with sheets and blankets. Sorry if I caused any (unintentional) offence!
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