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Bike Tyre recommendation

Discussion in 'off topic' started by cutting42, Nov 11, 2017.

  1. cutting42

    cutting42 Heading to Fish Hacker Erg \o/

    Hi cyclists

    I have trashed my tyres and need to get some new one. Any recommendation for mainly singletrack and towpath use. Like a bit of tread but does not need to be super chunky.

    It is for use on my 1998 Stumpjumper FSR XC so 26" wheels.

  2. richgilb

    richgilb Admonishtrator

    I went for tubeless Nobby Nics this time and use similarly to you. I got the sticky version. Very nice but actually it is the first time I tried tubeless so am not sure if it is that or the tyre that made the difference!
  3. JezmondTutu

    JezmondTutu pfm Member

    You won’t go far wrong with the Specialized tyres, had Purgatory and Captain on my Enduro.

    Maxxis are generally very well regarded.

    Schwalbe make good tyres but I had Rocket Ron Evo Pacestars and never again - far too fragile.
  4. Snufkin

    Snufkin pfm Member

    My experiences with Schwalbe have been good, Continental less so which is odd because they make great car tyres and some cyclist swear by them. Many years ago I used Panaracer Pasela tyres (made by Panasonic I think) to good effect on 26" rims. Based on that experience I bought some Panaracer slicks for my Moulton and they were fantastic (lowest rolling resistance I had ever experienced) and frustrating (I was forever getting punctures). Because of that I am currently using Schwalbe Kojak's on my Brompton and Moulton and they have proven themselves to be very good however they might not suit you as they are bald.
  5. clifftaylor

    clifftaylor Probably retired!

    Another vote for Schwalbe.
  6. stevec67

    stevec67 pfm Member

    I don't have an actual recommendation but I'd say that a semi slick was best for towpath type offroad. The majoy manufacturers sell them as summer tyres etc. They are great in dry conditions, but useless in heavy mud. A heavy mud tyre is of course a PITA in dry fast rolling conditions and prone to unpredictable behaviour on greasy wet tarmac. I've had at least one front tyre that had a nasty habit of breaking away very quickly and unpredictably on wet rock. Its performance in mud was good but not good enough to compensate for it trying to dump you on your face every time it hit a wet cattle grid, white line or other minor hazard. It did however last for ever, which wasn't a good thing.

    Enough of the anecdotes. In short I'd be looking at whatever Wiggle etc have on special, from a major manufacturer, decent reviews and designed around my intended use. I'd save the Massey Ferguson ShiteGrippers for the December XC action.

    Edit - I have a pile of part worns in the garage, if all you want is working 26" tyres and you are near Leeds, call in with a bottle and you can take your pick.
    cutting42 likes this.
  7. Cav

    Cav pfm Member

    I have used Schwalbe and Continental and would recommend either.
  8. Weekender

    Weekender pfm Member

    I have used Schwalbe Marathon plus on the road and they are excellent re puncture proofing and amazing for wear and tear.
    However a note of caution re canal towpath and/or trail: my other route to work is trail/towpath and I had several pucntures on Schwalbe from sharp grit/gravel. What happens is the grit sticks into the thick rubber protective rim and then is forced through from pressure and eventually punctures. I replaced with Continental crosstrail type (can't remember exact modell) on advice from bike shop and no problems.
  9. cutting42

    cutting42 Heading to Fish Hacker Erg \o/

    Thanks all for the input and to steve67 for the kind offer but I am in Watford and Leeds is a bit far even for free tyres;-)

    Will have a look around
  10. stevec67

    stevec67 pfm Member

    Bugger. I fancied being able to trade a couple of crappy old tyres in the garage for a bottle of vino. Not going to work now, is it?
  11. Arkless Electronics

    Arkless Electronics Trade: Amp design and repairs.

    Schwalbe here as well.
  12. avole

    avole The wise never post on Internet forums

    Schwalbe also, though I like continental for road bikes, or Michelin.
  13. andrewhockley

    andrewhockley pfm Member

    I've done a lot of miles on my old road bike with Grand Bois 42mm. Nicest tyre I've had and no punctures at all so far. They are too soft to hurt themselves. I've done a lot of miles on towpath with these and they work well. But not cheap.
  14. cutting42

    cutting42 Heading to Fish Hacker Erg \o/

    Ordered some Schwalbe Marathon Plus Smartguard Rigid MTB Tyre.

    Thanks again for help
  15. winchman

    winchman pfm Member

    I put the Bell Puncture proof ones from Asda on my Sons BMX and Daughters Mountain bike can't fault them lasting well and no punctures
  16. foxwelljsly

    foxwelljsly Keep Music Vile

    Holy cow. You managed to puncture some Marathon Pluses? They’re horrid tyres, very heavy with dull surface feedback, but I have never had a puncture in one. Great on Bromptons and for heavily loaded bikes.
  17. stevec67

    stevec67 pfm Member

    I thought the same. Rode a pair on a hire bike this summer, did about 300 miles in a week or so. They put them on hire bikes because of course they give no trouble and last the summer season. The bikes will do 3k- 4k miles over a summer before replacement, I'm sure that chains wear out before tyres. Horrible things to ride though, really pedestrian and wooden.
  18. cutting42

    cutting42 Heading to Fish Hacker Erg \o/

  19. JimmyB

    JimmyB pfm Member

    Have a look at the On-One website for some good tyres at great prices LINK. Their own brand stuff is really good value if you're not going mental; that Chunky Monkey Enduro @ £13 looks like a cracker but the Smorgesbord dual compound at £21 is a good tyre at a good price.

    Running Maxxis (Ardent & Highroller II) and Schwalbe 2.4 tubeless myself but with triple compounds and at nearly £40-50 a tyre you don't want to be wasting them on tow paths etc. but they are awesome....
  20. Weekender

    Weekender pfm Member

    I'm 15st and slightly rough.
    They're good as winter training tyres with all that weight.

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