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Bill Evans

Discussion in 'music' started by kjb, Nov 17, 2017.

  1. kjb

    kjb pfm Member

    I want to get some more Bill Evans in my collection. I've got Sunday at the Village Vanguard and Waltz for Debbie but nothing else.

    Looking in stores and online pretty much everything is post copyright editions. I'm happy to go CD or vinyl - but don't want vinyl if it's just poor quality digital transfers. There are some hugely overpriced editions - $600 for a complete Riverside on vinyl.

    Any suggestions for good quality editions or is it down to luck in second hand racks?

  2. RickyC6

    RickyC6 Infuriate the frog-men

    Another Time - The Hilversum Concert which i think was an RSD thing recently is a very wonderful thing. No idea on price, availability though.
  3. mjw

    mjw pfm Member

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  4. Stunsworth

    Stunsworth pfm Member

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  5. Nic Robinson

    Nic Robinson Moderator

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  6. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    The 3xCD expanded Complete At The Village Vanguard Recordings 1961 is far beyond essential. I've had my copy 7 years and it has never got as far as being shelved yet, it is always near one of my CD players. Everyone with an interest in jazz should own it, and those without should buy it as they’d likely find it opened up an interest in jazz. Everything else one really needs from Bill Evans can be found in this chunky Riverside & Milestone Albums Collection, though the price is a little high at present. Add in the little Verve box linked upthread and that’s Bill done really. Obviosly you need Kind of Blue too, but there are many reasons for that, plus one needs everything else Miles did too!
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  7. kjb

    kjb pfm Member

    Thanks all. Verve set on order.

    Re the Village Vanguard Box - is this worth getting even if I've got the Sunday at and Waltz cd/s? Is it a good remaster or does it benefit from the sequencing of the original sets?

    All sorted for Miles - got pushing 75% of the recording stuff and I think everything with Evans on it.

    Has anyone got this :


    It sounds OK on Spotify and looks good value

  8. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    The Complete VV box is beautifully mastered and provides the complete sets for the three days, so three complete gigs. I much prefer it to the two released albums. There are a couple of glitches, even one point where the tape machine is accidentally turned off or something, but it doesn’t detract. This is some of the most organic and telepathic playing I have ever heard. The extended three-day format is a real benefit as each day’s set is different and the improvising on common tracks goes in very dfferent directions each day. It really helps show just how amazing this trio was.

    PS The 12 Classic Albums box is a pirate. It won’t have been anywhere near a legitimate source.
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  9. MarkW

    MarkW Full Speed & Pagan

    Everybody digs Bill Evans and Ways to Play. But it's pretty much all worth having.
  10. martin clark

    martin clark pinko bodger

  11. Weekender

    Weekender pfm Member

  12. RJohan

    RJohan pfm Member

    There is another Waltz for Debby done together with swedish singer Monica Zetterlund. It was recorded before the more well known one. It's great and seems to be available at A.
  13. davidjt

    davidjt pfm Member

    For the umpteenth time, one of these threads has prompted me to switch off something that had only half my attention, sit down and really listen to something else. In this case 'Some Other Time', a different line-up (Eddie Gomez and Jack DeJohnette) but still a beautifull blend.
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  14. Stunsworth

    Stunsworth pfm Member

  15. lordsummit

    lordsummit Moderator

    I’m just tucking into the complete Village Vanguard Sessions, it’s a wonderful thing indeed
  16. Natara

    Natara pfm Member

    The duets he did with Tony Bennet are very good IMO I also have Live at Art D'Lugoff's: Top of the Gate on Resonance Recordings which I got brand new on vinyl for £10 because the outer box has a dent in it these recordings were rediscovered in the last few years and were done over a couple of shows and do vary but the best is excellent. I also think Undercurrent with Jim Hall is very good and also Empathy with Shelley Manne.
  17. guey

    guey pfm Member

    I really like Undercurrent that he made with Jim Hall.
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  18. Taff63

    Taff63 pfm Member

    'You Must Believe in Spring' is often overlooked but is wonderful.
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  19. formbypc

    formbypc pfm Member

    So would I. Every home should have one.
  20. PsB

    PsB Citizen of Nowhere™

    Yep. Listening to it now, prompted by this thread. Eddie Gomez's last recording with Bill Evans, and good SQ.

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