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Black Ravioli "Black Hole" System Modules Launch

Discussion in 'trade announcements' started by the-mains-man, Mar 8, 2020.

  1. the-mains-man

    the-mains-man Trade: Mains Cables R Us

    Black Ravioli Black Hole System Modules


    Made in Scotland by Sailforth Ltd (but not from girders!!) Black Ravioli products are embodied with
    an ethos gained from the nuclear operation and radio broadcast engineering experience of its chief
    designer The recipe for the original Black Ravioli pads which when placed underneath hi-fi
    equipment has brought about a startling transformation in sound quality to many users over the
    years. Following repeated demand worldwide for something better (if that was possible) Black
    Ravioli now launch their “Black Hole” system modules.

    The Black Hole modules work by removing spurious energy from music servers, streamers, active
    speakers and almost any electronic device that interfaces a music system. They are more than
    grounding boxes and should be treated as a system wide solution to remove electrical noise and
    spurious energy from the hi-fi or AV set up.

    Now available with USB – RCA – HDMI – Spade connectors for all Signal modules.
    In addition to the signal modules which simply plug into a spare socket on the rear of your chosen
    equipment a range of mains modules are also available to treat your electricity to something special.
    Trials with existing Black Ravioli customers have proven successful with a system fully treated
    sounding quite spectacular.

    The Black Hole Modules start at £500

    All Black Ravioli products are available through the company’s own website and direct from their
    appointed sales agent MCRU.

    About Back Ravioli.
    Sailforth Ltd is a manufacturing and project development company based in Scotland. The Black
    Ravioli came about following a challenge to build a composite audio equipment table. The table
    worked fine, however when subjected to our value analysis process it was concluded that most of
    the performance benefit could be derived from one aspect of the concept, along with a much
    simpler table. The aspect that was developed then became the original Black Ravioli Pad. The
    original pad is long discontinued, although the ethos it established has now evolved through a
    number of iterations into the BR.Pads and the Black Hole Modules we sell today.

    About MCRU.
    Established 10 years ago, MCRU are a leading name in audio mains cabling, up-grades and
    accessories for improving audio and AV equipment. Based in Elland just outside Huddersfield and
    close to the M62 and M1 motorway systems, with 2 dedicated demonstration suites and a retail
    store where products can be auditioned before purchasing as well as an internet based operation
    shipping thousands of products annually to all corners of the globe. .

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