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Bristol Show 2020

Discussion in 'audio' started by Mullardman, Jan 7, 2020.

  1. littleaudioco

    littleaudioco Trade: the little audio company

    To give you an idea of how busy it was last year, it was the third year I’d worked it with Auden Distribution. It was also the first year I didn’t get to have a wander around during the mornings for an hour or so. We just didn’t have time to get out of the room. I managed to get into a few rooms on our floor (2nd), and I quickly popped into one or two on the ground floor and basement, but that was all. But weirdly, it didn’t equate to a busy trading year...
  2. Stunsworth

    Stunsworth pfm Member

    To be honest I prefer the quieter shows as it’s easier to get into rooms and find a decent seat. Which is probably pretty much the opposite of what exhibitors want as they’d like it to be busy.
    littleaudioco likes this.
  3. littleaudioco

    littleaudioco Trade: the little audio company

    It’s always better when the room isn’t packed. It’s good for a social media photo, but too many people in the room means people are standing, absorbing too much sound, and usually standing the the wrong place to appreciate the time and effort spent getting the system to sound half decent in the allotted seating positions!
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  4. Roger Adams

    Roger Adams Well-Known Member

    Will there be a Pink Fish Meet and Greet room named the Bar?
    Hiesteem likes this.
  5. Ali T

    Ali T pfm Member

    Will be there with a couple of friends, including Nick of Longdog Audio. Nick's not showing, so we're just going as punters.
  6. sunbeamgls

    sunbeamgls pfm Member

    I'm please to see you put the effort in. So many rooms feel like no care is given, except to the marketing materials.
    littleaudioco likes this.
  7. sunbeamgls

    sunbeamgls pfm Member

    Kudos probably will, if it is on Tidal.
  8. sunbeamgls

    sunbeamgls pfm Member

    Not necessarily. I think you're referring to streaming services, rather than streaming.
  9. nobeone

    nobeone pfm Member

    Assuming I choose one day, which is likely to be less busy, offer more opportunities to actually hear stuff, fewer opportunities to sniff the armpits of the great unwashed?
  10. Stunsworth

    Stunsworth pfm Member

    I've no experience of the Bristol show, but based on others I've been to I'd say Friday.
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  11. Sue Pertwee-Tyr

    Sue Pertwee-Tyr pfm Member

    Friday tends to be trade day. Not that the public is excluded, but the exhibitors, dealers, reps, journos etc do a fair bit of networking, so if you want to chat to the people running a room, you may have a bit of a wait. But yes, Friday is usually (a bit) less busy than Saturday. Sunday is noticeably quieter than either, though. However, Sunday mornings are when exhibitors nurse their hangovers, so while it's usually quiet, there's often a reason for that...
    Accuphaseman and nobeone like this.
  12. Ptah

    Ptah pfm Member

    One thing I noticed last year when I went on Saturday was that after 5pm the trains back towards London are packed with shoppers who've been to Bristol & Bath. Ironically trains are less busy on Friday.
  13. nobeone

    nobeone pfm Member

    Thanks Stunsworth, Sue, Ptah, I think probably Friday then, after all as a forum lurking nerd I don't want to talk to people, ever probably, but especially in public :p - save for a catch up with any of your good fishy selves obviously.
    Stunsworth and Sue Pertwee-Tyr like this.
  14. suzywong

    suzywong Shifting 0s & 1s since 1968

    Yes but how would one recognise a fellow Fishie.....as my (then) teenage daughter once remarked to my wife while we were in some sort of large retail establishment,”Mum, this place full of middle-aged balding men....how are we going to find ours?”

    Maybe Tony should instigate the production of discrete “forum badges”, or perhaps a “secret handshake”, or a coded pass phrase, “The moon in June is reflected off the Linn Exotik”, to which the correct response would be “Yes, but the Naim has a green logo”.......or something like that.

    Oh yeah, I'm going on Friday :)
    nobeone likes this.
  15. nobeone

    nobeone pfm Member

    Well, good point, i was assuming a post nearer the time saying "I'm the middle aged balding man by the bar posting frantically on pfm so i look like i have friends" would work. So perhaps a 1' pink fish must be worn on the shoulder (like a stereotype pirate's parrot) in order we can be avoided at shows?
  16. cjyosemite

    cjyosemite pfm Member

    I used to go to Manchester as it was good to chat to staff & it was a short journey but Bristol would need to be a 2 day trip as wives would want to go shopping. When Audio-T shut their Preston store last year, the lady partner, who originates from Lancaster, asked if I would be going & I said not when it clashes with the 6 Nations Rugby. Apparently they have to book the venue a few years in advance & there are limited dates on offer. I might get there one year but to be honest, they do not turn me on these days. My favourite shows were back in the days at Harrogate.
  17. nobeone

    nobeone pfm Member

    This is as close as it gets for me, a couple of hours from North Devon, it has been probably more than a decade since I last went, I don't have huge expectations but feel like giving it a go, Mrs Nobeone is the rugby fan, I can it or leave it, never played as a kid and still don't understand the rules :oops:
  18. Stunsworth

    Stunsworth pfm Member

    Mine too. It's easy to forget just how big the show was with multiple venues in the town. I heard some amazing speakers there, the ones that stick in the mind are huge IMFs and the release of the original Kef 105s. The soundstaging on the Kefs was fantastic, and I still sometimes hanker after a pair.
  19. Stunsworth

    Stunsworth pfm Member

    Badges might be ok, or perhaps wearing a silk cravat, but handshakes and coded phrases involving interacting with people, and the only people I interact with at shows are the ones handing out plastic bags and leaflets.
  20. dave charlton

    dave charlton pfm member

    Went to Harrogate around 79' I think. Only standout memory is of a Dynavector tone arm, can't remember the TT :(

    Will be heading down to Bristol early Sunday morning.

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