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Build supertweeter into two way cab?!

Discussion in 'd.i.y.' started by Musiciseverything, Sep 5, 2019.

  1. Musiciseverything

    Musiciseverything Active Member

    hello all.

    I’m very new to this and fascinated by it all. I recently acquired a pair of old goodmans speakers and I’m blown away by their transparent mids and highs and their huge involving soundstage, the boxes just disappear! They are so fun and dynamic to listen to I can almost forget about the slightly light and woolly low end.

    Although the cone tweeters are doing a spectacular job in so many ways, they are a little bit rolled off. The crossover is ridiculously simple, being only an inductor and an 8uf electrolytic. I’ve ordered polys to replace the caps, which may make a bit of difference to the extension, maybe. I’ll learn as to the result either way.

    The question is as in the title. Would it be relatively simple to add a tweeter crossed over high, so that it doesn’t interfere with the existing tweeter, and takes off were the existing one leaves off in terms of extension? I think that with a bit more treble extension and perhaps paired with the right sub, these speakers could be just what I’m after.

    Looking forward to hearing what anyone thinks.

    Thanks in advance, Dave
  2. Arkless Electronics

    Arkless Electronics Trade: Amp design and repairs.

    Simple enough if great accuracy is not needed... and with those speakers I don't see that as an issue!

    Assuming 8 Ohm tweeter then just put a cap of about 1.5 - 3.3uF in line with it to taste.... you may need to experiment with a series resistor as well depending on the efficiency of the new tweeter. You could end up here with rather a low impedance at 12KHz ish plus but will probably get away with it OK.
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  3. Musiciseverything

    Musiciseverything Active Member

    Thanks Arkless, i was looking at tweeter options when I found these. I’ve seen these before on eBay, but scrolled past them given they look cheap and less purposeful than the other offerings from fostex etc when searching under “supertweeters” on eBay. This time though I had a further look, and found a couple of very favourable reviews. The good recommendations, the price, and the fact I won’t need to mess around with capacitors and resistors given my current free time limitations, has lead me to order a pair. They could well be just what I’m after for a bit of extension and it will be interesting to see what effects they will have on other aspect of the sound. Let’s see how they integrate with the other drivers. The goodmans cone tweeters are already extremely transparent and dynamic. I’ll probably end up trying them on all my other speakers to see what happens and mount them on something neat and considering so as to facilitate the use of them as external supertweeters. They are so small though, that i could eventually mount them on the front baffle of these goodmans, which I use with the speaker cloth on. Would be fun experimenting with blue tack as to positioning, above the tweeter, between tweeter, of to the side and symmetrical etc, Will check back in here once I’ve tried them and let you know if they’re decent. Might take a wee while for them to arrive from japan.

    Here’s one of the reviews. https://www.remusic.it/EN/TakeT-Batpure-supertweeter-9dde2d00
  4. JemHayward

    JemHayward pfm Member

    Back in the days of my youth we used to add the cheap piezo tweeters found in 'disco' speakers to this day to old speakers with paper cone tweeters for more top end. They had a tendency to be a bit 'fierce' but a series pot would allow us to calm them down. Enjoyed them at the time, but probably wouldn't add a set to my Martin Logans. Still out there and about £8 each!
  5. Chris

    Chris pfm Member

    I think it depends on the tweeter type. I have fitted the Batpures to 2 speakers : one used the Seas transparent concentric mid bass / Tweeter cone (WD20T) and the batpures were quite revolutionary but on my Wd25T with the Seas Millennium tweeters they don´t seem to have anything like the same effect, presumably because the Millennium can look after itself. According to Peter Comeau this is quite normal (hence the existence of the Tannoy supertweeters) - something to do with extra power output in the highs because a concentric tweeter surrounded by a big mid-bass cone often needs a bit of help.

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