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Calling ATC SCM25-pro users

Discussion in 'audio' started by Dave G, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. Dave G

    Dave G pfm Member

    Can owners of the 25 pros chime in and tell me what other monitors you tested them against and the reason why you went for the ATCs?

    Also, can you tell me about the placement of your monitors especially how far from back and side walls and how close they are to the back wall.

    The size of your room and how far you are seated from the monitors would be helpful too, as well as your thoughts on how deep the bass goes as its published spec is looks very conservative.

  2. AndyU

    AndyU pfm Member

    Hi there. I've had SCM 25As for nearly three years. Before them, I owned SCM100ASLs for many years, but needed to downsize to something smaller so that I could travel. I tried smaller ATCS - the SCM7s and 11s, some Neumann KH120As and some klein Hummel O300s (now Neumann KH310s). The ATCs were nice, but not enough; The Neumann/KH were OK for the money, competent, but utterly unremarkable. I just felt bereft without the ATC midrange so, despite the fact that they were heavier and more expensive than I really wanted, tried some 25s and was knocked out. They are wonderful speakers, so rich and solid with a midrange that is in a class all on its own and then some. Incredible stereo, very low colouration, huge power handling. Good loud. Good quiet. They are just overwhelmingly good. If you want to experience recorded music intensely, be captured and enthralled and utterly involved by it, then you should listen to some. I prefer mine well away from side walls and back walls, and prefer to listen near field - four/five/six feet away, with the speakers the same distance apart. But they'll work nice closer to a wall too with a more mid-field presentation. But Imo you do need tall stands to get the midrange unit about ear level - especially if you listen near field. Bass is excellent, not hyped, very natural. You can boost it up to 3dB if you want, or put supplied foam bungs in the ports to change its character. I've used 25sin a small cottage, and am now using them in a large 8m x 6m x 4.5m room. Superb. Suggest you get a pair on loan from a decent dealer - I used proaudioeurope who supplied a brand new pair for trial, and gave me a substantial discount when I decided to buy them. If you want more bass, then you just move up to the 50s or 100s. Same sound, just more bottom end. There's a pair of each of the latter in the classifieds here at almost give away prices fyi.
  3. Dave G

    Dave G pfm Member

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for the detailed reply. I have this desire to move away from my current set-up of Genelec DSP monitors. I'm missing something from the Genelecs and the best way I can describe it is the mid-range that can be an issue with two way monitors.

    My room is small at 35 cubic meters and my listening is at 1.5m. My room is treated and I've spent quite some time getting it as good as I can with the space and resources I have, so I don't think I need all the DSP correction tech. I also want to invest in some monitors that I can live with for a long, long time without chasing a tech upgrade every few years.

    I've a friend who lives in Germany who uses ATC on a daily basis and he says his workflow has improved significantly due to the accuracy and natural presentation of the ATCs. He raves about them and said don't be fooled by their published freq spec as the bass is more than enough in a small room. I don't want massive, massive bass, but accurate and unclouded.

    My room would not take anything larger than the 25s.

    I've booked a visit to ATC and certainly will give proaudioeurope a call. Do you have a name you could PM me?
  4. Mr Underhill

    Mr Underhill pfm Member

    Did you have a demo? Thoughts?

  5. tedmanzie

    tedmanzie pfm Member

    I tried PMC twotwo6's before I went for my 25As. I have had them about 5 months. My room (studio) is approx 5m wide, 8m deep and kind of normal height. I listen at about 6 feet I reckon. They are very close to the rear wall but my rear wall is 60cm of RS45 rockwool floor to ceiling, with brick behind that.

    My room has it's issues like most rooms, but I have paired my 25s with a Focal sub in order to achieve the bass weight I want. I don't have much sub, but it's there.

    The speakers sound great and make working (production) and listening a pleasure - although speakers like these do exaggerate the difference between good and bad production and that is not always a blessing for listening enjoyment.

    Best thing would be to demo in your room. Good prices can be had if you shop around.
  6. Dave G

    Dave G pfm Member

    Not yet, but have booked in with ATC late Nov.
  7. mattski

    mattski pfm Member

    I've had PMC TB2s, DB1s, AML2s, OB1is (not strictly monitors) and Genelec 8250As with GLM, oh, and SCM25A's before my current pair too.

    The ATCs are just @the best@ - simple as that.

    The AML2's are really really good and the Genelec's had appealing qualities but they're not as cohesive or well rounded as the 25s. They might have (spec-wise) deeper bottom end but the ATCs is better, somehow fuller and much more natural. They make my room come alive like only the AML2s did in certain tracks. Not disappointed at all.

    They're positioned about a metre away from each side wall, a metre out and quite far apart (3-3.5m) but angled in; midrange drivers on the inside. They're also sitting on, err, wooden Ikea bar stools that I think work spectacularly well. I spent a lot of money on custom stands for my old pair but they robbed something. Maybe some nice Towersonic would be better.

    No doubt you'll have heard it before but the ATC midrange driver really is magical. It was mentioned earlier but they're great at any volume too - I can listen to rock at low volume and it still has body, turn up the wick and they kick ass.

    Which Genelec's have you got?
  8. tedmanzie

    tedmanzie pfm Member

    Have you got the bar stools filled with sand? :)
  9. Dave G

    Dave G pfm Member

    I finally got to dem the ATCs and I now know why they held in such high regard.

    My dilema now is do I change and pull the trigger on the ATCs OR do I but the Les Paul 58 VOS Custom that I have had my eye on for a little while :)
  10. Whaleblue

    Whaleblue The Mighty Deoxitiser

    Tricky. How many other guitars do you own?! Is it just GAS?
  11. AndyU

    AndyU pfm Member

    Ha! Happy Christmas!
  12. Markus S

    Markus S 41 - 29

    May I direct sir's attention to the 25s in the classifieds ...
  13. Dave G

    Dave G pfm Member

    How many guitars do I own? Hmm three CS Strats inc HSS, a CS Tele and a couple of Martin acoustics BUT no Les Paul. I guess it's just irrational GAS.

    Thanks for the Seasons greetings Andy [emoji1]
  14. Dave G

    Dave G pfm Member

    Oh and thanks for the heads up on the classified - will look when not mobile! Cheers.
  15. Lefty

    Lefty pfm Member

    Excellent :) Did you get to compare them against other, similarly priced actives? I'm yet to hear the SCM 25s so am interested in other people's views.

    I went to listen to some of PMCs offerings yesterday and came away extremely impressed by the TwoTwo 6 + TwoTwo Sub1 combo. I have the Sub on home demo over Christmas and am very close to pulling the trigger. However, I would like to hear SCM 25s before I do….

  16. darrenyeats

    darrenyeats pfm Member

    Lefty, in your position I'd be auditioning as many active speakers as possible (with ATC and Focal on the list but certainly not limited to them) before pulling any triggers.
  17. Dave G

    Dave G pfm Member

    Lefty I love the ATC monitors but the Swiss PSI audio monitors are a thing of sonic beauty - will post more later.
  18. Lefty

    Lefty pfm Member

    I did also hear a pair of Unity Audio Boulder mkII and PMC IB1S-AII. They were both good, but the TwoTwo + Sub was just as good as the IB1S-AII for a lot less money.

    Dave - looking forward to geRing your thoughts as the PSIs are also on my radar.

  19. tedmanzie

    tedmanzie pfm Member

    don't forget the new SCM20 actives! :)
  20. Martyn Miles

    Martyn Miles Trade: MGM Audio

    My Harbeth HL Monitors have gone to a very happy new owner, and a pair of early Spendor BC1s are arriving for repairs . My Harbeth P3ESRs have returned from my brother. The home-built LD3/5as have also returned home after their overseas visit. 2015 is going to be a time of refurbishment for two sets of loudspeakers, the Spendors and old Kef Codas.

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