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[FS] Canon, Sigma, Velbon, Giottos and more

Discussion in 'photo classifieds' started by yorksmark, Feb 2, 2019.

  1. yorksmark

    yorksmark pfm Member

    As the title suggests, many items for sale as I'm moving to Micro 4/3rds.

    Canon 7D - Great condition, 23,300 shutter count. Comes with original battery, charger, manual, usb lead, RCA leads and original box. The camera was bought as a kit with 18-135 lens but that lens was sold some time ago. Camera neck strap is missing (!). Price £280

    Sandisk campact flash 64gb Extreme Pro (90 MB/S transfer - UDMA 6) - £20 or will include with 7d for combined total £295.

    Sigma 120-300mm F2.8 APO EX DG OS (Canon fit). Very sharp lens in very clean condition. Only noticeable marks are wear on the tripod mount and some minor scuffing on the lens hood. Comes in original box with carry case and carry strap and includes both lens caps. £1,250

    Sigma APO Tele converter 2x EX DG (Canon Fit)- converts the 120-300 lens to a 240-600 F5.6 lens. Great condition, original box, padded carry pouch both end caps - £75 or will include with 120-300 for combined £1,310).

    Canon EF 24-70 F2.8 L USM. Some very minor scuffing on the lens hood but the lens itself is very clean. Comes in original box with soft pouch and instruction CD (? - never opened/used). £470

    Canon Extender EF 2x II - no marks - very clean in all respects. Unfortunately original box is missing but comes with soft carry pouch and will be securely boxed for delivery. £135

    Sigma 150mm F2.8 APO Macro DG (not the OS version!) Canon fit. A very sharp lens. Optically super. The focus ring is made of the rubber Sigma used to incorporate on lenses and suffers from discolouration (lighter marking). There are also some very minor scuffing of the body, mainly on the mounting foot. Comes in original box, with dual lens hoods, both end caps, padded carry pouch, carry strap and instructions - £285

    Sigma 12-24 F4.5-5.6 DG HSM (Canon fit). No box or accessories, just the lens and the end caps . Like the 150mm macro the focus ring shows some discolouration as does the aperture ring. Otherwise a clean (8.5/10) example. Will be securely wrapped for delivery. £145.

    Velbon Sherpa pro CF 730 - Carbon fibre tripod - little used and generally very clean. original box with nylon weighting/stabilising bag, instructions, spanner. £120

    Lensmaster Gimbal - A strong gimbal (not sure of model number I think it is older version of RH-2) with Arca-Swiss mounting (with 2 mounting plates). Heavy and stable gimbal. Some irritating marks to the paint work but these are minor, no major issues. No box. £100 or will sell combined with Velbon tripod for £200.

    Giottos monopod (Aluminium - model 3290B). Good condition with some scuffing on the foot and body. Boxed. Should have a nylon carry case but that has 'disappeared'. £50

    Giottos ball head (model MH 1300) - several scuffs but fully functioning. Boxed with instructions and soft carry bag. £60 or combined with monopod for £95.

    Tamrac carry back pack (Model uncertain but similar to Anvil Super 25) . Tall backpack to carry long lens while mounted on camera body. Excellent condition. Multiple straps and pockets for sundry items as well as tripod mounts. No box. Comes with waterproof cover - £90

    Lowepro Vertex 200 AW backpack - well reviewed and versatile bag for real intrepid adventurers (not me). Good clean condition with waterproof cover. £90

    Conon Angle Finder C - fix to viewfinder of compatible camera to allow viewing from above. Select between 1.25x and 2.5x magnification. Very clean, comes with padded carry case but no box. £45

    And finally......

    Case Remote - This little box sits on the flash shoe and allows camera operation via wi-fi from smart phone/tablet. As new condition, in box with all bits and bobs and instructions (if you can read mandarin). New cost c. £100 but will accept £25.

    I will add photos later

    Inspection and collection very welcome in Huddersfield.
  2. yorksmark

    yorksmark pfm Member

  3. yorksmark

    yorksmark pfm Member


    Canon Extender EF 2x II - sold
    Canon EF 24-70 F2.8 L USM - sold
    Case Remote - sold

    All other items still for sale

    Many thanks
  4. yorksmark

    yorksmark pfm Member

    Update - Canon Angle Finder C sold.

    Many thanks

  5. yorksmark

    yorksmark pfm Member

    Update - Sigma 12-24 now sold

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