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Chord mojo or audioquest dragonfly red

Discussion in 'audio' started by Robert M, Jun 9, 2016.

  1. Robert M

    Robert M pfm Member

    I've a few quid put aside and I can either spend it on the garden or a nice bit of deserved audio equipment.
    As I travel to work by train I think I can kill two birds with one stone here by getting a portable dac.

    I'm looking at the 2 above, the audioquest is lightweight and good sounding but drains the battery faster, the mojo is ment to be better sounding and won't drain the phones battery but is not as portable.

    Both I think can be used with my Logitech sbt at home aswell as my iPad mini.

    I'm only going by reviews so far as I haven't had the time to get a demo.

    Decisions decisions.
  2. hifi-dog

    hifi-dog pfm Member

    I'd go for the mojo ..but I am biased with a 2qute..
  3. chebby

    chebby pfm Member

    I'd spend it on the garden.
  4. Robert M

    Robert M pfm Member

    The mojo looks bomb proof aswell.
    Can the battery be replaced in years to come?
  5. tonyx

    tonyx pfm Member

    Dragonfly Red is a lot cheaper. Devices like this are out of date quickly. Its unlikely that the mojo I enough better to compensate for being double the cost. Dragonfly Red therefore my choice.
  6. banjoman

    banjoman pfm Member

    The Mojo is outstandingly good. No contest IMO
  7. Del monaco

    Del monaco pfm Member

    Dragonfly. I have a V1.2 and it's lovely. I've heard so many Dacs over the years and there are differences but they are usually very slight. The Dragonfly is were balanced with good detail and a slight warmth. I use one attached to my SBT through EDO.
  8. John_73

    John_73 pfm Member

    Mojo - great sound. Built to last. Add-ons (SD card reader, etc) apparently available at a later date so it's expandable.
  9. Whatsisnaim

    Whatsisnaim pfm Member

    If you use more power hungry headphones the Mojo is almost certainly going to be a better option. If you use IEMs and battery life isn't too important, the Dragonfly is amazingly portable now that it works with an iPhone. As for their relative sound quality, audition for yourself if you can. Anything else is just guesswork.
  10. fay spook

    fay spook pfm Member

    Is the Meridian Explorer any good as an alternative?
  11. Robert M

    Robert M pfm Member

    No, that is only for a computer, it will not work with a phone or sbt.
  12. F1eng

    F1eng pfm Member

    I was disappointed by the original Dragonfly, given its reputation, in a home system (as opposed to into 'phones). I have a Hugo which I like much more so I would recommend the Mojo from my experience.
  13. banjoman

    banjoman pfm Member

    The Mojo is surprisingly close to the Hugo in performance - as a standalone DAC in a proper stereo system. Really outstanding value for money
  14. muzzer

    muzzer Numb Nut

    I found the Mojo a bit disappointing when I tried it in the main system, my Chevron Sabre dac sounded more natural, initially it was very detailed and attention grabbing but ultimately for me anyway there was something false/artificial about the Mojo sound.
    The Mojo is great as a headphone amp/dac and good value for money but it won't be finding it's way back in my main system anytime soon.
  15. banjoman

    banjoman pfm Member

    I think I understand what you mean - the Mojo and Hugo both excel in detail and dynamics which could be a bit too much over extended listening periods. There have been times I've wanted the warmth of my MEtrum Octave on overly bright recordings, but overall I am very impressed by the Mojo, though its still early days. At the price, it is quite special
    Will be getting a 2Qute very soon and hoping its a bit smoother in my main system than the Mojo
  16. hifi-dog

    hifi-dog pfm Member

    Don't judge the 2qute until it's been used for a month ..,it's bit of a roller coaster between thin n tinny, soft and finally the bass and top end settle down . Had mine since end of April and it is now just staggering !
  17. Robert M

    Robert M pfm Member

    Are some people thinking the mojo is hard sounding like naim. Please don't take this as a naim bash and keep it a mojo/audioquest topic.
  18. Robert M

    Robert M pfm Member

    Would the mojo sound as good as a meridian 508.24 CD player when used with a sbt.
  19. hammeredklavier

    hammeredklavier owner of two very cheap hi-fis

    If you want to listen to music on the move, and you've got an iWotNot, then I wouldn't buy either. Most headphones designed for portable use are very easy to drive and the DACs in iThingies are transparent.

    If you have some more demanding headphones that you want to listen to at home, then the Cambridge DACMagic XS can be had for about £50 if you wait til Richer Sounds put it on offer (as they do from time to time).

    If it's burning a hole in your pocket then yes, buy the Dragonfly.

  20. Pedro83

    Pedro83 pfm Member

    I have both of these DACs. To keep it simple, the Mojo sounds better, realism, soundstage, usual attributes of a superior DAC. The Dragonfly Red does not shame itself against the Mojo though, it's very, very good for the money. I was going to sell the Dragonfly Red but I find it too convenient and fun to use.

    I travel with both, using the Mojo primarily and if it runs out of power, throw the AQ Red into the chain and the music is back on.

    I don't think you can go wrong with either but if SQ is what you're after, Mojo all day long. that said, I wouldn't like to say I could pick out the Mojo easily. It's close although when doing a quick A-B comparison, the Mojo pulls ahead nicely.

    If it's for in the pocket use, i'd lean towards the AQ Red, if not I would invest in the Mojo which represents extremely good value for money.

    Hope this helps.

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