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Chrome bumpered PFM

Discussion in 'music' started by Bob McC, Jul 16, 2003.

  1. Bob McC

    Bob McC Living the life of Riley

    I must say I preferred the old chrome bumpered, form follows function, you know what you get PFM site to this new jazzy aluminium extruded flashing light version with loads of bits I'll never use.

    I am also a technological luddite.

  2. Ron The Mon

    Ron The Mon Location: Detroit

    I agree 100%.

    More complaints;
    Why is it right now as I'm typing, I can't check anyone's profile off this page? On another topic that Mick S. posted, when I replied, I couldn't scan down the page and look at his profile to see what turntable he had. I had to go back a page, scan that, then go back to the response page and type it. There is also no "jump to" box on the reply page to check someone's previous replies and posts on other threads. Waaay too much hassle.

    And why is it my signature has this long strand of lines above it?:

    Ron The Mon

    It looks unprofessional and stupid! I thought the "signature" meant just that. You activate it so you don't need to type your name every time. If I have to type my name every time so it looks decent, that's what I'll do, but it will discourage me from posting.

    On another thead there were complaints against the logo; I don't like it either especially when the old one looks better.

    Waaaay too many buttons. I know what Garyi means about it, because really, there are 18 "go to" buttons (24 if you count the null ones hit by mistake).

    And what about a forward to the old "read-only" forum? There were some great threads there which still could be added to. Many of the DIY threads such as power-supply questions, Isobarik mods, diy-'geddons, etc. And what of the classic "10 favorite albums" thread? That should be an ongoing and continually added to pfm staple thread. Now, even if you go there, it's buried under a pile of Dave Cattlin for-sale records!

    And I'm not one for smilies but the ones here are the lamest looking smilies I've seen.
  3. Martin

    Martin pfm Member


    I would suggest creating a thread here, and placing a URL link to the thread on PFM1.0 as the first thing in the posting.

    It may also be less confusing if the first posting is just a link to the old thread, and then post your continuation as the first reply.

    cheers, Martin
  4. MarkW

    MarkW Best Sounds Ever

    Whilst your familiarity with the old PFM is touching and udnerstandable, only the superficial stuff has changed. What counts is us, the fishes.

    Change occurs. Embrace it. The only rational response.
  5. Dave J

    Dave J Übermember

    Oh dear this is all most confusing and I'm now just a lowly 'junior member'.

    Can we swear, by the way?

    Ron, do you still owe me a beer or has all that gone too?

  6. Mekon

    Mekon Anti-socialite

    Dave, you can get rid of your member anxiety by changing your user title in the 'edit profile' section of the user control panel (click the 'user cp' button up at the top of the screen). It's in the custom user text section.

    Also, if you never want to hear Ron whinging about the plethora of functions that vB does or doesn't provide, click here.


    vBulletin provide the best interface of any forum software I've ever used. Give yourself time, Ezboard is junk in comparison.
  7. Dave J

    Dave J Übermember

    How about this?
  8. Mekon

    Mekon Anti-socialite

    Ahh, very cool.
  9. Harlyquin

    Harlyquin Anti speed-camera member

    I like that - thank you for providing such a useful feature. I suspect Ron's audience figures may be on the decline :)
  10. Mekon

    Mekon Anti-socialite

    Sorry Ron ;)
  11. Ron The Mon

    Ron The Mon Location: Detroit

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    click here.
  12. sideshowbob

    sideshowbob 47 Lab Rat


    -- Ian

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