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Colophony Free Solder?

Discussion in 'd.i.y.' started by cjsims86, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. cjsims86

    cjsims86 pfm Member

    Found some reels of 4% silver solder at work after a clear out. The reels say it contains colophony free flux. Does anybody know the merits of having your flux free of colophony? Does flux normally contain colophony? What the hell is colophony?:confused:

    Sounds like a problem with the lower intestine.

    "How's your Ted keepin' Mrs Arkwright?".

    "Ooh he's been up all night, he's a martyr to that colophony he is. Say's it's like a blood orange he does".:D
  2. ClaraBannister

    ClaraBannister pfm Member

    Colophony is an alternative term for natural rosin, derived from pine trees which grew in Colophon in Lydia, now part of Turkey. It was highly esteemed for applying to the bows of stringed instruments from ancient times, and more recently as a flux in soldering. Presumably there are modern, synthetic alternatives. Rosin produces quite insistent fumes, which can cause respiratory problems.
  3. demotivated

    demotivated pfm Member

    Clara speaks the truth. There is health + safety lore that people can 'suddenly' become allergic to resin [which they choose to call 'Rosin'] fumes when they were fine before. If your job requires soldering, you could switch to 'colophony free' - which usually smell worse.
  4. ClaraBannister

    ClaraBannister pfm Member

    When I soldered a lot, I used to suffer something chronic from the fumes. Has anyone with some knowledge of Greek noticed the interesting alternative derivation of colophony, ie. something (rosin for a violin bow) that produces sound from catgut (sheep's intestine)? Very serendipitous.
  5. Jiiim

    Jiiim bodger extraordinaire

    I wonder if it is possible to get cacophony free solder?
  6. ClaraBannister

    ClaraBannister pfm Member

    If you go to B and Q, you can buy metal-free steel wool. Seriously.

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