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Courier firms

Discussion in 'audio' started by ExtremePie, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. ExtremePie

    ExtremePie pfm Member

    I don't know where this should sit - off-topic, classifieds or here so:

    Any recommendations out there on who to use to send out CD players through the post? I need to send one winging its way to a new owner, and I'd like him to be happy when it gets there.

    Any and all help appreciated...

  2. Bertiebee

    Bertiebee pfm Member


    I've always used www.p4d.co.uk to arrange couriers.

    I either choose City Link 24 hours if it weighs less than 20kg or Yodel 48 if over 20kg.

    Never had any problems with either.

  3. Midlandaudiox

    Midlandaudiox Trade: Midland Audio X-Change

  4. David F

    David F pfm Member

    If it was me I'd just pack it well and send it in the post (but then I have a post office within walking distance).

    It's interesting that these "courier" threads appear more and more frequently. I'm having to send less and less through the post as costs have gone up so much.
  5. Fox

    Fox The sound of one hoof clopping

    All these people like Parcel Monkey or Parcel2Go or Interparcel are clearing houses for the same courier services. i.e. all much of a muchness.

    Shipping advice however: even the best couriers can trash your hardware. So don't skimp on the packaging. Double box if you can with compression spacers between the inner and outer box). Go to a MailBoxes inc for suitable oversized box and compression spacers. Build this into your shipping total.

    1. Take a photo of the box all angles before ship. Email to buyer

    2. Get the buyer to compare the condition of the box on arrival and hopefully OK.

    3. if there are dents or holes of misshapen bits GET HIM TO REFUSE IT
    (or at least sign with "Damaged box, unable to check contents")

    If he doesn't do this any extended compensation claims are often summarily thrown out as a signature is considered approval of acceptable carriage (you will find this buried in the small print).
  6. wyjsar

    wyjsar Nothing but heart

    Another vote for interparcel. Make sure you have the right level of insurance on the parcel too - I once sent some speakers that got damaged - interparcel paid out in full plus refunded the carriage costs.
    Good tips from fox.
  7. Mr Pig

    Mr Pig ^'- -'^

    Who you send it with matters a lot less than how well you pack it!

    Most couriers are much of a muchness. They'll mostly get the box there in a day or two but they'll mostly occasionally loose stuff and are mostly happy to occasionally drop a box off the tail of a lorry. So pack it like it might get dropped from five-feet up, because it might.

    Are the likes of DHL better? They are actually, but not so much as their worth the extra in my opinion. The tracking is good though.

    Is the Post Office that bad? Yeah, it is. From experience they're more likely to loose stuff than anyone else if if they do it gets ugly. The process of reporting missing boxes and trying to claim off them is interminable. It's never an easy thing to do but with the Post Office it's loose the will to live bad.

    So worry more about the packing than who's van it'll be travelling in and it'll probably get there.
  8. divedeepdog

    divedeepdog pfm Member

    +1 for inter parcel I've been using their economy service with ups nearly always next day.
    Cheap too, so far no probs , Ive sent turntables and speakers plus glass racks
    Just dont skimp on wrapping
  9. Gaius

    Gaius Trade: Stiletto by Tangerine

    I think UPS are the best.

    Yodel, are they not the awful DHL re badged.

    Parcel Force are OK.

    UPS have the cool trucks.
  10. Mr Pig

    Mr Pig ^'- -'^

    The drivers hate them! ;0)
  11. deltaunit

    deltaunit volume reveals detail

    I've had problems receiving from MyHermes - one box was left in a pool of water presumably overnight in storage and the bottom fell apart. It was then dropped damaging the speakers inside.

    The speakers were expertly packed too, double boxed, wrapped and with two layers of thick padding.
  12. Gaius

    Gaius Trade: Stiletto by Tangerine

    I can attest to your expert packing and also what a crap service Hermes seem to offer.

    misterC6 is right with a small package Royal Mail Special Delivery is first class (sorry!). Not so good though for a CDP.
  13. Sovereign

    Sovereign pfm Member

    I have a colleague of mine who runs a successful courier company, I use him a lot because he is personally responsible for the items I send. I have sent a lot to the former Eastern Bloc through him and it gets there every time intact.
    The problem with all of the other large companies that have been mentioned is if they make a mistake then it doesn't matter so much, as long as their failure rate isn't too high then it's just a statistic, if my colleagues courier firm doesn't deliver it is his personal head on the block.
    I recently sent my MDAC to John W and Interparcel were £80! my colleague sent it for £42!!!
    Let me know if you want the contact details.
  14. Hi Five

    Hi Five pfm Member

    Interlink direct are really good. They will txt an hour time slot to your buyers mobile phone which is really handy.
  15. hifilover1979

    hifilover1979 Bigger than you...

    G Wizz couriers have been the best by far I've found. Superb service,mgreat rates and good insurance cover costs also.

    Customer service is A+

    Parcel2Go are crap; I'd never use them again

    Interparcel & Parcel Monkey have been ok
  16. taffyboy1

    taffyboy1 pfm Member

    I used to run a busy aftersales dept and found that UPS were the most reliable/dependable.

    If a customer wants a parcel for next day, I found UPS the best.

    parcelforce were a nightmare in my experience.

  17. hifilover1979

    hifilover1979 Bigger than you...

    G Wizz are ups couriers and Always next day without hassle :D
  18. Antibubble

    Antibubble pfm Member

    Just posted some speakers using Interparcel. Arrived next day, via UPS. buyer was very happy and therefore so was I.
  19. jevy47

    jevy47 pfm Member

    I can tell you who NOT to use, Interlink Express.

    Last year I sent a NAP 250 to Mark at Witch Hat Audio. When it got there Mark took some photos of the amp and the box. It looked like it had been dragged behind the van on a rope from Northumberland to Kent.
  20. ExtremePie

    ExtremePie pfm Member

    Thanks for all the help guys. Much appreciated.

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