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Dealer Integrity

Discussion in 'audio' started by graystoke4, Feb 14, 2020.

  1. Spike

    Spike pfm Member

    It would have been illegal then. 12ft/lb law came in 1969. HW80 introduced early 80s! Great classic airgun. The HW100 PCP is even better.
  2. Arkless Electronics

    Arkless Electronics Trade: Amp design and repairs.

    Still have a BSA Scorpion in a cupboard somewhere... bought it when I was about 17!
  3. Mr Pig

    Mr Pig ^'- -'^

    He wasn't the kind of guy who worried about this like that. Haven't seen him in thirty years, no idea where he is but jail is a possibility.
    Spike likes this.
  4. booja30

    booja30 pfm Member

    Wait, what were we talking about?
  5. Spike

    Spike pfm Member

    My fault.
    To get it back, I feel it’s up to buyer to see if new model is on the horizon.
    booja30 likes this.
  6. Arkless Electronics

    Arkless Electronics Trade: Amp design and repairs.

    That was some thread drift!
  7. deebster

    deebster Half Man Half Biscuit

    Napkins to investment returns was another good one
  8. forester

    forester pfm Member

    I was looking at guitar amps in my local music shop. The expert (and he really was) volunteered that there was a mark 2 model just out which had a few more functions but was £30 more expensive. My choice then was whether to save a bit and buy the old model before I was really needed it, or get the newer model once I reach that point. I decided to wait and get the newer version as I plan on keeping it for a long time. Point of the story is that I will buy it from that shop when I do, even if it's a few pence cheaper online. The shop service is brilliant and their prices near or the same as online anyway.
    darrenyeats likes this.
  9. Mr Pig

    Mr Pig ^'- -'^

    But the older guitars and amp are the more valuable they are! ;0) Could've passed up on a future classic there.
  10. Alex S

    Alex S carbon based lifeform

    Most of the dealers I know, like and have purchased from are languid hippy types who probably sell more weed than foo, or they're called Julian Richer, so I've never had an issue.
  11. Fretbuzz

    Fretbuzz pfm Member

    With any buying, any spikes in my BS, sincerity, or pressure-sell sensors lead to a total shutdown; and it's certainly happened in hifi. Just support dealers you trust.
  12. Mr Pig

    Mr Pig ^'- -'^

    If you only buy things from perfect people you're gona have an empty house!
  13. Fretbuzz

    Fretbuzz pfm Member

    Yep, it's bleak in here!

    You know what I mean. Not handing over money to pushy or rude sales people, or ones clearly spouting rubbish. Why would you.
  14. 2ManyBoxes

    2ManyBoxes pfm Member

    True of most but not all. Some dealers think differently and play a longer game. They will treat you well because they want you to keep coming back to them. I've been lucky enough to come across 2 dealers like this: Bob Griffin of Griffin Audio in Birmingham and Andrew of Audio Images in Sheffield.
  15. Alex S

    Alex S carbon based lifeform

    When Grahams sold toasters and Linn/Naim on the Pentonville road I went many times to drink coffee and listen to stuff. They knew they’d get me eventually.
  16. cjyosemite

    cjyosemite pfm Member

    Having bought hi-fi kit for 45 years I do not think I have experienced this situation but always had a good relationship with the dealer. I have certainly bought kit at a good discount when a new model was coming along but always took the view that the old model was no worse just because a new one was coming along - & the new model is always a significant price increase. I have bought speakers at a substantial discount because they had been left in window daylight with the covers on - but it evened out when I used them without the covers. I have bought an old model at no special discount knowing a new one was coming along but did not like the look of the new model. I have bought another pair of speakers at a massive discount when it had been discontinued but again the new model did not appeal to me.

    I have bought many ex demo pieces of kit at large discounts but never worried about the new model. I believe my dealer would be honest if a new model was in the pipe-line but I do not recollect any such situation - but if he had not told me I doubt it would have bothered me. It strikes me the OP has perhaps not developed a good relationship with a dealer.
  17. Suffolk Tony

    Suffolk Tony Aim low, achieve your goals, avoid disappointment.

    So does mine. Bought second-hand from a shop in Chatham that specialised in buying stuff from soldiers in the local barracks who were going home. Had lots of airguns, & the fella tested them by firing a slug through the floorboards in his stockroom.
    Caledon1297 likes this.
  18. Sue Pertwee-Tyr

    Sue Pertwee-Tyr pfm Member

    This was my thought, too. And I wondered about cause and effect. Is it possible there isn't a relationship with the dealer because the expectations are unreasonable, perhaps?
  19. Woodface

    Woodface pfm Member

    Is there a point to this, has the OP had this experience or is it purely hypothetical?
    booja30 likes this.
  20. awkwardbydesign

    awkwardbydesign Officially Awesome

    Is that how you would buy speakers? Resale value?

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