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Densen DeMagic CD

Discussion in 'charity' started by RobFTM, Apr 4, 2017.

  1. RobFTM

    RobFTM pfm Member

    For those of you who still use CD players and for the even smaller subset that believe that a CD player needs to be degaused, I have the perfect solution!

    I've found a copy (ahem) of the Densen DeMagic CD in the back of an old cupboard.

    £5 to a hospice secures and it will be sent via the post as soon as I have chance.

  2. Chilliboy13

    Chilliboy13 pfm Member

    If I may say in support of this charitable bargain - the whole chain from CD player to speakers benefits from the application of this CD.. blow your mind better? - no; worth a fiver; easy peasy the squeezy lemons
  3. martin clark

    martin clark pinko bodger

    For a hospice it's worth a tenner. I'll take it at that, just to giggle at the idea.

    Please drop me a pm with the details of you charity of choice :)
  4. RobFTM

    RobFTM pfm Member

    Morning Martin.

    Thank you and I've dropped you a PM.



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