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Densen Power amp - do you leave them switched on?

Discussion in 'audio' started by tenpercenter, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. tenpercenter

    tenpercenter Don't ya rile 'em.....

    Just wondering what users of Densen power amps do - leave on or switch off when not using ?
  2. hifinutt

    hifinutt hifinutt

    don`t they have a red light when in standby ? so they are designed to be turned off . can`t see what you would gain by leaving them on
  3. Pete MB&D

    Pete MB&D Pete Maddex, the one and only!

    Switch on the back leave it on.

    Its not going to use much power unless you are playing.

    My amps destroyed the switches I used to turn them off every night, not any more.

    The surge when switching on is the most damaging thing you can do, most factory tests involve power cycling which is the most stressful way of testing.

  4. tenpercenter

    tenpercenter Don't ya rile 'em.....

    Many thanks for the replies so far.

    The B330 does get slightly warm to the touch when left on so I was curious.

    Any other Densen owners out there?
  5. mercalia

    mercalia pfm Member

    Not a Densen user but I understand one reason why Naim gear should be periodically recapped is that many leave them on all the time? The only thing I let in standby/on is my Sony minidisc deck as it dont have a off button only a standby
  6. Pete MB&D

    Pete MB&D Pete Maddex, the one and only!

    Every thing needs a recap eventually not just Naim.

    I had a B300 power and I have a Beat 410 CD.

    The D300 was a very nice amp, I had it to tide me over while I built my Hackernaps.

  7. James

    James Lord of the Erg\o/s

    I left my B-350s on 24/7 but put my B-250 (and B-440XS) into standby.

    It's a real PITA to reach behind them to turn them off otherwise. My B-350s also have a slight warmth to them when idling.
  8. mbu

    mbu pfm Member

    B330 + here. Its off during the week mostly. Switch it on and its fine after an hour or two. This is with room temperature of around 21 Deg/C at switch on.
    Im sure it gets better after 30 mins of actual use too. It runs warm though and heats up pretty quickly.
    Its a superb amp. Tremendous with my Neat 3i's. Transparency and grip galore. Amazing clout for such a svelt design.

    PS If you switch off, do not switch back on for about 10 minutes if you change your mind - otherwise you get an incredible bang/thump out your speakers. Frightening !
  9. Brits

    Brits pfm Member

    I have the B130 XS integrated and it is left on 24/7. Gets slightly warm but otherwise problem free. And a great amp it is too !
  10. DavidS

    DavidS pfm Member

    My 330 is on all day and off all night , soon warms up.
  11. DM-10

    DM-10 pfm Member

    My Densen DM10MK2 has been running continuously for 15 years with few exceptions. I recently did a full recap and I have returned the joy of living. Extraordinary.

    Always 24/7

    In the case of power amp, simply leave in stand by the preamp Densen

  12. MrNo

    MrNo Member

    I agree, my densens DM10 (2 pieces) is 24h/356 days ON. Same thing for other Densen equipment. Enjoy
  13. mbu

    mbu pfm Member

    Last night got in. Switched on. After around an hour , music on. High frequency ( hi hats etc) a bit of roughness , distortion , tizzle to start with. Started to settle a bit after 40 mins playing. Left on as usual over Fri/Sat/ Sun.
    It will sound better tonight after being left on.
    Perhaps its also the speaker that has to settle for a while after amp switch on from cold.
  14. MrNo

    MrNo Member

    Serious hifi equipment with solid state active elements must be always ON. Especially amplifier! And is wrong thinking that 24h/day ON decrease lifetime of capacitors. After 10-15 changing electrolitic capacitors is usual for best performance of equipment!
    Some amplifiers need 12 hours or more to best performance after switching power on!
    Densen amplifiers sound different when is Cold, and for this reason 24 h ON!
  15. Julf

    Julf Evil brother of Mark V Shaney

    Every 10C of temperature increase halves the life of an electrolytic capacitor. If your amp internals run at +50 C when on 24h/day, you are reducing your capacitor life time by a factor of 8.

    So what changes in the amp over those 12 hours?
  16. alindsay

    alindsay pfm Member

    They get to be 12 hours older is all I can think of :)
  17. Martyn Miles

    Martyn Miles pfm Member

    Is it really a good idea that an amplifier is left on?
    I have never noticed any difference with my Quad amplifier, whether run from 'cold'
    or having been switched on all day.
  18. MrNo

    MrNo Member

    Usual lifetime of electrolitic capacitor is 15 Years on ambient temperature. Internal temperature in amplifier in AB class (most amplifiers and Densen too) is little higher than ambient temperature when idling. Temperature is not only what have influence on lifetime, for example: switching on/off have bad influence.
    Class A amplifiers is different thing.

    12 hours change? Big change! ALL amplifiers what i have (and no one!) is changing in sound quality warming up! Especially this is noticeble for Densen! Big Big change
  19. DM-10

    DM-10 pfm Member

    In an AB design with very low bias, where there is also no "normal" heat sink, but the calculation of thermal dissipation contemplates the entire surface of the chassis, gives an idea of ​​the slow increase of "cruise" temperature and The need for a continuous start.

    In the "ideal scenario", where it is possible to see any small nuance that affects the quality of the reproduction through a true fluidity, less presence of mechanical factor, that is to say, free dynamics of effort, with an evident feeling of facing To a really organic sound, I can assure you that the change is evident. As the owner for nearly two decades of almost 20 Densen products, I can assure you that your power supplies, having everything in perfect order, are not subjected to intensive wear and tear from their design.

    After 15 years, I can say that I came back to the first day of life with my DM10MK2 (I swore I love you forever because it is one of the best amplifiers integrated in absolute terms and in a purely musical context, that I have never had the chance to listen and own Any price) after performing a perfect recap and original adjustment of bias value and DC ......... Absolutely magical.

  20. MrNo

    MrNo Member

    DM-10, you are big fan of old Densen DM10 and i understand you very well! This is one of best integrated amps ever!

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