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Desert Island Disks

Discussion in 'music' started by prowla, Jul 15, 2003.

  1. prowla

    prowla pfm Member

    Hows about a "Desert Island Disks" thread to get things going...

    If you could pick just three disks to have if you were stranded on a desert island (with a great Hi-Fi and mains power of course), what would they be?

    Here's mine:
    Rush - Moving Pictures
    Level 42 - World Machine
    Deep Purple - Made In Japan
  2. auric

    auric pfm Member

    Spem In Alium - Tallis Scholars
    Strange Angels - Laurie Anderson
    Exsultate Jubilate - Emma Kirkby

  3. joel

    joel mojo working

    Ah Um - Charlie Mingus
    Love Supreme - John Coltrane
    Greatest Hits - Jorge Ben (has almost all the best songs)


    Spem in alium is a marvellous album, too.
  4. Ed Rogerson

    Ed Rogerson Culturally irrelevant

    You want to be stranded on a desert island with a Level 42 album?! That can't be healthy:D

    This week, it would be:
    David Bowie - Low
    Stereolab - Sound Dust
    Mogwai - Happy Songs for Happy People
  5. Kit Taylor

    Kit Taylor Well-Known Member

    John McLaughlin - Extrapolation
    Susumu Yokota - Sakura
    Wire - Pink Flag

    I think the records to take are not your absolute favourites, but those that have the all the basic elements you like about music.

    My favourite records take particular elements of these records and extrapolate and refine them into magic, but I can't think of another set that covers everthing I like about music.
  6. mykel

    mykel Perpetual Hack

    Too many to choose, but tonight the pick list would be.... :D

    Led Zeppelin: Physical Graffiti
    Marillion: Misplaced Childhood
    and a toss-up between
    Heart: Dog and Butterfly and Elton John: Madman Across the Water.

    Tomorrow, proablably something completely different. :confused:
  7. Ron James

    Ron James Member

    Brian Eno & David Byrne - My Life on the Bush of Ghosts
    Bach Goldberg Variations - Ito Ema
    Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny - Beyond the Missouri Sky
  8. Chris

    Chris pfm Member

    Bert and John by Jansch and Renbourne
    Astral Weeks by Van the Man
    Gaucho by the Dan
  9. Mick Seymour

    Mick Seymour Member


    I'd take Jethro Tull - Heavy Horses instead of Deep Purple but the other two are spot on.

  10. Bob McC

    Bob McC Living the life of Riley

    Albums - pah!

    I'd have the following singles

    Kites - Simon Dupree and The Big Sound
    Eloise - Barry Ryan
    Alone again or - Love
  11. P

    P Banned

    Just Three?

    Have to be double albums then

    The Beatles - White Album

    Big Star - Radio City/ #1 Record

    Sigur Ros - Agaetis Byrjun

    Those'd just about stop me going bananas on a desert island


  12. MarkW

    MarkW Best Sounds Ever

    On this Island I would mostly be listening to:

    Yellow Shark - FZ
    Blue Valentine - Tom Waits
    Ah Hum - Mingus

    And a yearning for hundreds more.

  13. domfjbrown

    domfjbrown pfm Member

    Sun spot - Dark Soho
    Forever changes - Love
    Little earthquakes - Tori Amos

    That is well difficult - but Dark Soho in all cases as, for a "dance" oriented album, it's one hell of a versatile - sleep/eat/drink/do things you shouldn't/work to it - you can do anything with it unlike a lot of albums....
  14. prowla

    prowla pfm Member

    I never said I was healthy!

    Physical Graffitti would've been my next (although I don't think Led Zep recordings were very audiophile).
    Dog & Butterfly - now that's an album I haven't listened to for a while (listened to "Little Queen" last week though).

    I recently bought the digitally remastered Made In Japan CD, with extra live tracks (black cover rather than gold). It's well worth a listen.

    I think several listens to "Revolution Number 9" would definitely not keep you sane!
  15. Gernot

    Gernot Active Member

    My choice today:

    The Beatles - White Album
    Neil Young - WELD
    Wir sind Helden - Die Reklamation

  16. Ian F

    Ian F Member

    My choice:
    1.Love/forever changes
    2.Beefheart/troutmask replica
    3.Can/ege bamyasi
  17. Markus S

    Markus S 41 - 29

    I like the "My choice today" cop-out. So, until I change my mind (in about 5 minutes, probably):

    Miles Davis, Kind of Blue
    Mary Coughlan, Red Blues,
    Mozart, Piano Concertos 21 and 24

  18. joel

    joel mojo working

    Got that on vinyl for about a quid mint. Great fun, although the drumming on the "blues" number is pretty terrible IMMHO.
    Richie Blackhead can *play* the guitar when he puts his mind to it - I played the DP back-to-back with Esther Phillips' Black Eyed Soul and the similarities in the geetar work in places was quite interesting.
  19. Chris Marshall

    Chris Marshall pfm Member

    Also my list for today, this week anyway!

    Springsteen - Darkness on the edge of town
    Crowded House - Together Alone
    Steve Earle - Exit 0
  20. Ron The Mon

    Ron The Mon Location: Detroit

    1 Simple Dreams by Linda Ronstadt. The songs are good and there's a variety; rock, country, traditional,.. The main reason though is to get the album jacket. There are two photos of her in this skimpy black satin dress of which I'm certain she's not wearing underwear. She has a white daffodil in her hair too. Very sexy. If I'm on a desert island, I'd definitely want photos if you know what I mean!

    2 Big Bamboo by Cheech And Chong. Actually, I prefer the first album (with the classic "Dave" and "Trippin' in Court") but Big Bamboo comes with a giant rolling paper. If I'm on a desert island I'd definitely want some comedy and something to smoke!

    3 Forever Changes by Love. The new version recorded last year with orchestra. I just listened to it earlier today and it is superb!! Arthur Lee envisioned the arrangement in his head over and over while he was in prison for several years. So I figured it'd be good played over and over on a desert island.

    Ron The Mon

    Gilligan probably was smarter than any of us in what to bring as he brought a transistor radio he could carry around in his pocket and either play it aloud or with headphones.

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