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DeVore Fidelity Orangutan Reference Four-Piece System!

Discussion in 'trade discussion' started by G T Audio, Oct 7, 2018.

  1. G T Audio

    G T Audio Trade: Manufacturer and Distributor

    You can hear the new DeVore Fidelity Orangutan Reference speaker system on the link below before they were shipped to RMAF 2018 in Denver for this weekends show.

    The audio was recorded using a bi-aural "head" so if you can hook up a good pair of headphones to hear the Orutagtan Reference System it will be worth it.

    A very interesting way to listen to someone's system...
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  2. G T Audio

    G T Audio Trade: Manufacturer and Distributor

    Here are more details of the 4-box Orangutan Reference system:

    O/Ref/A (High Level):
    10” paper-cone woofer with a cast Bronze chassis.
    All new woofer motor has been fully optimized with a pure AlNiCo magnet, copper Faraday rings above and below the gap, a titanium former, and a machined bronze phase plug resulting in far better magnetic and inductive linearity, increased sensitivity, and an order of magnitude lower distortion throughout most of the frequency range.
    1” silk dome tweeter loaded by a cast & machined Bronze horn.
    All new tweeter motor utilizes a new rare-earth magnet and an underhung voice-coil for increased linearity at lower treble frequencies and higher sensitivity.
    .75” silk dome super-tweeter with a cast & machined bronze horn and rare-earth magnet for increased linearity at higher treble frequencies and higher sensitivity.
    Solid machined Bronze port tubes de-coupled from the cabinet.
    All Bronze parts cast and machined in the US.

    O/Ref/B (Bass only):
    10-inch paper woofer, treated for added strength.
    All-new motor system with long-throw, oversized voice-coil, copper Faraday rings above and below the gap, a titanium former, and a machined Bronze phase plug for maximum linearity and thermal stability.
    This new woofer is naturally reflex-loaded to below 20Hz in-cabinet with no equalization used.
    Custom designed dedicated 300-watt class A/B amplifier with linear power supply.
    All analogue signal path with user-adjustable EQ at 20Hz and 35Hz to tailor the response to different installations.

    The bandwidth is expected to be between 16Hz to 45kHz. If you check out the web you can see the manufacturing of the custom bronze castings that have been made specifically for this speaker, resulting is cost no object drivers.

    New cast bronze drive unit being machined:

    Here are a few words from John:
    The Orangutan Reference is NOT the “upgraded O/96 for $20-30k.” The O/Reference is a four-box “Super Orangutan” with powered subwoofers and incredibly expensive new drivers. The woofer in the Reference will likely end up costing DeVore Fidelity about 10-times as much as the woofer in the O/96. The new tweeters will likely be somewhere in this range as well.
    Performance-wise, these speakers utterly dwarf everything else we’ve ever made. In every way. Transparency, dynamics, bandwidth, imaging/sound-staging, tonality, sensitivity, everything.
    They will be very expensive (at least in DeVore Fidelity terms) and will likely come out at well over $80-90k retail for the system in the US. There are still some pricing numbers I don’t have because of the amps, but this is a good estimate.
    This does not mean there will never be an “upgraded O/96.” My plan is to integrate some of the new parts into the existing O/96 drivers and cabinets and start developing something in the $20-30k range, but they will not have the Reference drivers or performance. When you hear the O/Reference you will understand that there is plenty of room, performance-wise, for something in-between the Reference and the O/96.
  3. G T Audio

    G T Audio Trade: Manufacturer and Distributor

    Nice award for DeVore at RMAF 2018

  4. iansr

    iansr pfm Member

    Are these going to be at Munich?

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