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DNA Audio Leeds now stocking Kudos Loudspeakers

Discussion in 'trade announcements' started by dna audio, Feb 12, 2020.

  1. dna audio

    dna audio Trade: DNA Audio

    We are delighted to announce that DNA audio are now a Kudos dealer for the Leeds/West Yorkshire/North Yorkshire area. We will be stocking a range of Kudos product from the Cardera and Titan ranges. We have done extensive listening to several models before making this decision. We think that for anyone who really loves the Naim SBL, DBL and Linn Isobarik in either passive or active form the Titan and Cardera ranges will offer those users a big step forward and allow them to utilise most of their electronics. Naim have a snaxo range specifically for the Titan series. We will update when our demo units come in, first delivery which is very exciting. No doubt there will be an event to follow later in the year.

    Please get in touch on info@dnaaudio.co.uk to book a demonstration.
    01943850650 Tuesday -Friday 1pm - 5.30 Saturday 10.00-5.00pm

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