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[WTD] ECC801s 12at7 E81CC etc

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by Mongeddavid, Nov 11, 2017.

  1. Mongeddavid

    Mongeddavid pfm Member

    Looking to roll a few tubes in my amp and wondering if anyone has any 12at7 variants worth trying. Many thanks in advance
  2. benjo

    benjo Member

    I have a selection of 8 various vintage 12AT7's I brought in from USA. All recently tested and showing good- strong test results. £75 posted
  3. misterc6

    misterc6 Wasted and wounded, it ain’t what the moon did

    I have a fair number of NOS 12AT7LPS valves which are well regarded on PFM.
  4. Mongeddavid

    Mongeddavid pfm Member

    Thanks so far keep em coming i should have mentioned i am looking for matched pairs
  5. Mongeddavid

    Mongeddavid pfm Member

    Sorted for now

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