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Exposure 21 mod

Discussion in 'd.i.y.' started by matthias, Mar 7, 2017.

  1. matthias

    matthias pfm Member

    I think it is not so much the problem of switches going off. Every switch degrades sound quality in comparison to a direct connection without switch. Fredrik Lejonklous preamps have such a direct connection. See post #7.
    With bypassing the input switch of my 21 I got simply more music and I bypassed the main switch as well.

  2. FrankF

    FrankF pfm Member

    Update on bypassing the input selector on my Exposure XXV

    First Matthias I just want to say I don't doubt you for one minute that "no" switch sounds better than a switch. I am not qualified to have this discussion but it makes sense to me theoretically and logically. So I don't doubt you or Fredrik Lejonklous for one minute.

    Having said that I want to clarify I wasn't trying to improve the sound of my amp by trying the bypass as a "tweak" or a "modification" as I have loved the sound of my amp as it was for many years. Rather those switches are known to go bad and even Tony Brady is well aware of that problem, so I was wanting to try the bypass as a possible way to get around the deteriorated sound the deteriorated switch was causing. Some have had success cleaning it but I hadn't.

    So enter the bypass...

    The first time around a few weeks ago I could tell right away the sound was "almost" back to normal but as I had mentioned in my previous post there was still some weird stuff happening to the sound. Anyhow I finally got my buddy to redo it making sure I used copper wiring. Again I could hear things were better but still "weird" here and there.

    Then it hit me! (hey, it takes me a while but I usually get it eventually LOL) Based on the article you linked to, it dawned on me that I was hearing the "sum" of 2 parts... the bypass PLUS the crappy sounding switch. It hadn't even dawned on me the first time around to NOT use the same input at the back of the amp as the input selector setting at the front. For example I originally did this bypass experiment by running the wires from the CD resistors to the posts at the front by the switch, then connected my CD player to the CD inputs at the back then set the selector switch at the front also to CD. As a result I was actually hearing the sum of both - the bypass PLUS the selector- at the same time. So when I realized this, I simply chose a different input on the selector switch and there it was... my Exposure amp back to it's full glory!

    Yes I do hear a fairly good improvement in quality as a bonus. But to be honest I could have lived happily with the sound with the original switch if the switch hadn't deteriorated so much.

    For now I only need an input for my DAC and my phono stage so things are good.

    Thanks again for taking the time explaining things!

    BTW, for each Left and Right input at the back of the amp there is a resistor, which is what I soldered the wire to, as well as a polystyrene capacitor. What does that polystyrene cap do and is it still in the path by soldering a bypass wire to the resistor?
  3. Norman (NJ)

    Norman (NJ) New Member

    Hi Matthias, I need some help with my Exposure 2010 Integrated Amp. The selector switch is giving the same issue as what I have been reading here. Can you advise the steps to bypass the selector switch?

    Any feedback from anyone will be much appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Arkless Electronics

    Arkless Electronics Trade: Amp design and repairs.

    I'd just fit a new switch if I were you. There's no improvement in sound quality to be gained by bypassing a switch or using different wire!
  5. Norman (NJ)

    Norman (NJ) New Member

    Any idea where to purchase the switch? I spoke to Tony and he mentioned this particular switch is EOL long time ago and is not obtainable anywhere.
  6. Arkless Electronics

    Arkless Electronics Trade: Amp design and repairs.

    If it's not available you'll probably have to make something else fit.

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