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[FS] For Jan: 5x 80's Japanese pressing gems

Discussion in 'music classifieds' started by mellstock, Jan 6, 2020.

  1. mellstock

    mellstock pfm Member

    5 x 80s Japanese-pressing gems for January
    All have unmarked vinyl & sound great! The covers are really smart with trivial flaws identified. The usual Japanese extras - obis and inserts - are as specified. Most come in resealable outers as stocked in Japanese record stores.
    1. Joe Jackson - Night & Day / no obi / really smart sleeve despite mostly pale colour-scheme, one tiny corner bend + very light hairline creases in from spine / AMP 28059 / £14
    2. Lloyd Cole & The Commotions - Five Easy Pieces / no obi / insert / cover is smart & clean except for a few light touches of grubbiness at the top & almost invisible spots of foxing elsewhere + 2 corner bends / WHITE LABEL PROMO with 見本 identification / rare/ 28MM 0482 / £17
    3. U2 - The Unforgettable Fire / no obi / 2 inserts / a v. nice sleeve only let down by 4 almost invisible drips to top right / 28SI-252 / £17
    4. Simple Minds - Sparkle In The Rain / obi / insert / VIL-6085 / a really smart copy indeed! Only flaw is a small crease at bottom left of front sleeve / £20
    5. Dexy’s Midnight Runners - Too-Rye-Aye / no obi / insert / minty cover with minimal corner bends + really light abrasion on the back / 25PP-74 / £16
    P&P £4.50 for a single LP, 1st class RM. Can happily combine into packages to keep a larger order cheap.
  2. mellstock

    mellstock pfm Member

    Dexys, Lloyd Cole & Joe Jackson now SOLD

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