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[FS] Fujifilm XT-2 body (black)

Discussion in 'photo classifieds' started by camed, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. camed

    camed pfm Member

    Gifted to my wife some time ago. Fairly certain it hasn’t been used. I’ll check the click count when I get home. Boxed with all the bits. £500 plus delivery but prefer collection from Nottingham
  2. camed

    camed pfm Member

    Can also be collected from grantham if easier
  3. camed

    camed pfm Member

    Just had a look and there isn’t any easy way of identifying shutter count, unlike my x100f. It looks pretty new to me. Straps and manual still sealed in bags. Serial number starts with 84 which identifies manufacture date to be in the last quarter of 2018 so a very late model.
  4. Darren555

    Darren555 pfm Member

  5. camed

    camed pfm Member

    No interest here so LCE bought it for £475 through their ‘we buy cameras’ scheme

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