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GET Smart Wireless Lighting System

Discussion in 'charity' started by RobFTM, Apr 4, 2017.

  1. RobFTM

    RobFTM pfm Member

    Now I'm not really sure about this.

    The previous owner of this house had "radio controlled" lights installed that we've since removed. The system works on battery operated controllers, two were in place of wall switches and two were portable and receivers which were wired in line (technical term there!) with the ceiling mounted halogens. Its suitable for regular 240 feeds, as that's how it was used here.

    I'm struggling to find much on the web about this system but this PDF describes the system and what I have. I can do photos if anyone is interested.


    I need to point out that anyone getting this needs to be appropriately competent as playing with mains electricity can be fatal if you don't know what you are doing and I cannot and will not be held responsible for others stupidity.

    I have eight ceiling receivers and the aforementioned four switches. As far as I can tell they all still operate as designed.

    Given its now no longer produced but my system is gathering dust and too good for the tip, how about £25 and whatever I have to pay as postage to be donated to Rennie Grove Hospice Care in Tring.

  2. BD-Audio

    BD-Audio Trade: BD Audio

    I'll take this please Rob.
  3. RobFTM

    RobFTM pfm Member

    Thank you.

    Drop me a PM with your address and I'll package this up for you and ship it as soon as I can. It will be by Saturday at the latest. If you'd like some photos please let me have your email address and I'll send some across.

  4. BD-Audio

    BD-Audio Trade: BD Audio

    Will do thanks.

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