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Good New Techno

Discussion in 'music' started by darrell_giant, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. mikemusic

    mikemusic pfm Member

    I've been trying to resist this thread, but now I'm in

    Bankruptcy is a possibility !
  2. farfromthesun

    farfromthesun pfm Member

  3. guey

    guey pfm Member

    The techno purists may disagree, but the new Factory Floor album, 25 25, is a minimal, yet utterly phat (as I believe the youth of a decade ago might have said) gem.
  4. Nick_G

    Nick_G pfm Member

    I thought that the first one from 2013 (is it really already 3 years ago?) had its moments with some driving minimal dancefloor tracks. I got it via Rough Trade with a bonus CD of extra tracks which I found more enjoyable as they were more experimental, a bit like their earlier material.

    I'll have to have a listen to the new one.
  5. datay

    datay pfm Member

    Yep, '25 25' is a great album, it's tighter and more compelling than their first one. It's not mastered with as much bloody gain, either. (not sure I knew until reviews of this latest album that it was Steve Morris who produced the first one).

    Edit: Just stuck at on for some midnight listening, neighbours never seem to complain...:cool:
  6. Nick_G

    Nick_G pfm Member

    Yes their first album is mastered LOUD, with the meters slamming up against the red line on my CD recorder. I don't think it was produced by Stephen Morris though. They did start recording an album with Stephen Morris a good few years ago and it was due to come out on Blast First but for some reason it got abandoned and shortly afterwards DFA signed them. At least, that's what I recall.

    If you can find a copy, (good luck) 'Talking On Cliffs' is also pretty damn good. More in the post-punk/minimal mode than their DFA material.
  7. Nick_G

    Nick_G pfm Member

    Haven't done this one for a while:

    Bezier - Widows Tears
    The Junto Club - Shiviana
    Norwell - Enter The Light
    Spiked Punch - Guinea Pig
    Plebeian - 70s Freaky
    Garofano Rosso - HAL 9000 Legge Il Labiale
    TvSky - Cloak Of The Moon
    Piotr Cisak & Freeze - Sojuz (R/ио Remix)
    Uqbar - Celestial Waves
    German Army - Le Cap
    Cremation Lily - Washed Through Glass
    Cosmic Garden - Apocalyptic Moose
    Rrose - Specimen 3
    The Black Madonna - We Can Never Be Apart
    Holly Herndon - Fade (NHK Remix) - not really new but still so so good
    Benoit B - A Night In Gobi Desert
    Hodge - Body Drive
    Wbeeza - Bodyman
    Val G - Further
    Franklin De Costa - Purple Train
    Patricia - Frailty
    Innershades - TB 03 Test
    R/ио - Corps & Âme
    EVOL - Right Frankfurt
    Kane Ikin - Packet Loss
    LOR - Factories 1979
    Illum Sphere - Red Glass
    Intimacy - Decisions in Life
    Jay Glass Dubs - Neckless Dub
    Lukas Bohlender - The Sublime
    Wry Myrrh - Three
    Layup - Train To Manchester
    Zarkoff & Ikonal - Side Effects
    Twins - Rather Not
    Karim Sahraoui - L.O.R.D.
    Vibe Impact - 707 Dream
    Carsten Jost - Army Green
    Albert van Abbe - Vision 01
    Les Graciés - Pan - a weird long experimental jam
    Kevin Arnemann - Plexus
    R/ио - Werner
    Xosar - Bled For Pleasure
    Florian Meindl - Nix Charon
    Body Tools - Locusts & Lions
    Saile - Untitled 03192014 (Annanan's Accidie Mix)
    Deirdre Direktor - Sleep For The Anxious - spooky!
    Low Tape - No Good
    Fluxion- Gradual Approach
    Pris - Sunk
    Inga Mauer - Podonok
    Ssiege - Follie Difensive
    Eric Copeland - Bear Country
    FYI Chris - Nightmare
    TvSkY - The End Of Greatness
    Tr One - Lights In Your Rear View Mirror
    Sam De La Rosa - La Rata
    FOQL - I can't believe I still have to protest this shit
    Avvenir - Qua
    Midnight Circuitry - By Lamplight At The Narrowgates Willow
    Simo Häyhä - Retribution Theories (Beautiful Retribution Dub)
    Low Tape - Euphoria
    Binary System - Proxima B
    Advanced Dreams - Absent Presence [rework]
    Sovereign State - Sullen Landscape
    Aboutface Feat. Darker - In The Tepid Shine We Breathe (Redshape Remix)
    Willis Anne - Plasticizers
    Machete Savane - Manticore (Jonny Nash Remix) - this could have come straight from Carl Craig's 'Landscruising' album
    Oli - Aungier Street
    Norin - Djupa Vatten
    Colophon - Mechanism And Motion (Florian Kupfer Remix)
    Screener36 - Jour Dans La Nuit [Coppice Halifax Assemblage]
    45 ACP - Safe Return
    Aaron Ocean - Dominos
    TX Connect Ft. Dharma - Coitus Interupptus (Cover - Circa 2010)
    Tashweesh - Spacemakers (Live) - freakout!
    Realistic Prism Tape v6
    ARIISK - IIA NSA 1 (instrumental edit)
    Bonebrokk - Go Off The Deep End

    I said it had been a while! There's more where that lot came from too...

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