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Goodmans and Wharfedale

Discussion in 'classic' started by lexi, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. Martyn Miles

    Martyn Miles Trade: MGM Audio

    I wonder if those 'scaffolding stands' ever come up for sale.
    I'd love to try them out with original Diamonds.

    Excellent little speakers, Diamonds.
    I had a pair for years in my University Lab.

  2. 964RS

    964RS New Member

    Amazing forum find! I have that very pair of Wharfedale Option Ones. I worked at Wharfedale in 1985 and Richard Lee (Chief Designer) demonstrated the Option Two to me with a Dr Thomas pre & power amplifier combo playing Andreas Vollenwieder White Winds. My life changed! I had to have a pair of Options one day.

    A few years ago came across THE pair of Option Ones on eBay and had to buy them. I even have the (simple) operating manual too. They are HUGE. 2 people required to handle one unit. They are monoliths. Think 2001: A Space Odyssey. I had to hire a van just to collect them!

    Would be great to get hold of the sales brochure for these speakers.
    I'd love to get a pair of Option Twos if anyone knows of any for sale. I also seek the single page sales brochure for them.
  3. rontoolsie

    rontoolsie pfm Member

    At the time I heard the Option One, I also owned a very early example of the Musical Fidelity MVT preamp....to this day the worst preamp I have ever owned. I took it over to the same dealer that had the Option Ones and it was slaughtered by a conrad johnson PV5 preamp and atomized by the Audio Research SP10mk2 preamp. It also proved to be worse than a PS Audio 4.0 preamp for about one third of its price.

    All I can remember about the Option Ones is that they slapped me across the room....huuuuuuge sound when fronted with that very same Audio Research SP10 preamp.

    How do they perform by todays standards? It after all has been 30 years since I heard your very pair.
  4. darkmatter

    darkmatter pfm Member

    Yes I recall the Option 1 speaker system and the Dem at the Penta HiFi Show

    So little on them and only a couple of sketchy pics on the web

  5. Music freak

    Music freak pfm Member

    What can tip the choice balance in peoples' attitude towards various past- manufactured speaker systems, is that there are a lot of music lovers that found their 'happy Hi Fi combination medium' for year in -year -out enjoyment ( that suits them - perfectly!) and do not go around being sonic hypochondriacs, To paraphrase the title of a My Fair lady song....." They have indeed become accustomed to their Hi Fi". Unlike those, desperate to hear the latest released hardware models in search of some highly debatable 'improvement' Resulting in a lot of cases to unbalancing what they had previous in the sound chain, followed by self induced foolery to convince themselves on recent or new financial outlay.

    Wise people laugh off the latest advertising guff that appears ....preferring to spend the greater amounts of their spare cash on actual music software. .
    Oh! what was the purpose in the first place for obtaining basic hardware???!!'

    I always see an funny analogy of Hi Fi equipment "malcontent freakies" with what one expects out of Youth.
    The supped -up car syndrome......with enthusiasts ,tarting up their vehicles with chrome maggies , special chrome stripes, superchargers, and hideous dash broad interiors etc
    Yet if they go to sell their 'heaps', some used car salesman is likely to disregard the cosmetics. So it is, with Hi Fi equipment. Instead, if (I had) or have spare equipment I hand it on to other music lovers or / if "it finally conks it"...out in the dust bin it goes. No regrets - and it is somewhat 'therapeutic'. Out of mind...out of worry.

    If one has enough equipment gathered over the years to make all sorts of changes throughout their system(s) ,by inserting some of the said various pieces into the Hi Fi chain, the results can be extremely surprising. creating 2+2 equals 5 or 6 factors.
  6. Music freak

    Music freak pfm Member

    Wharfedale also has made many different speaker systems for different markets across the World continent.People overlook the fact that some manufacturers '-sound balance' their equipment to suit particular differing musical tastes in many foreign countries.
    If one just read English mags and pink fish.............one has never seen mention of some of them. If one lives in the Asia -Pacific region , it is possible to pick up quite a few new Hi Fi pieces "so balanced" that are very well durably built / finished .....without the final landed puffed prices of a English -direct export.
    P.S I am not trying to be impolite, but reading constantly of the obsession of 95% mention of a small number of English brands, make any non English person stand back and readjust their perspective focus.
  7. Bob McC

    Bob McC Living the life of Riley

    Well the thread is about just two English brands...

    If you want to educate us as to the plethora of great kit available elsewhere why not start a Thread?
  8. Jim Audiomisc

    Jim Audiomisc pfm Member

    FWIW The Armstrong 602 loudspeakers were also developed by someone who came to the company from Goodmans. Bill Purkis.
  9. Jim Audiomisc

    Jim Audiomisc pfm Member

    (ahem) A scan of that manual would be welcomed by UKHHSoc. :)
  10. audio grail

    audio grail pfm Member

    The Goodmans Axiom 80's are probably the pick of the bunch. I had a pair recently and they were really very nice indeed particularly with classical. They are rocketing in price right now though as the Asian market hoover up what are rather rare speakers
  11. Bird

    Bird New Member

    Hi, I happen to have an option two brochure and can let you have a photo copy. I was the visual designer employed by Grahame Bank and responsible for the visual appearance of both option one and option two. I also did the Mach and 7series.
  12. 964RS

    964RS New Member

    Hi Ron.

    Another amazing response! The positive power of the internet.

    I've sent you a PM.

    My recent acquisitions are 2 Marantz PM4 amplifiers in great condition. I can't get enough of vintage separates!

  13. jair

    jair pfm Member

    Gilbert Briggs probably spoke more sense about loudspeakers than anyone before or since.

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