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Hope To See You At he Windsor HiFi Show This Weekend!

Discussion in 'trade announcements' started by HiFi Lounge, Nov 8, 2018.

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    Hi There,

    Just a quickie to say that we are closed this Friday / Saturday as we are helping out at the Windsor HiFi Show, basically we are running a small headphone area to show off the new dCS Bartok as a high end headphone solution so if you are going to the show please pop by and say hello, you can find more info on the show below -



    The idea is to take a long a small selection of Highend Headphones for attendees to listen to on the Bartok so we’ll take the Utopia’s, LCD-4′s, D8000′s, HD820′s and the Stax T8000 with the new SR-009S and SR-007′s to show the Bartok as a DAC / Streamer.


    Hope to see you there for what is always a great show.


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