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How to make Rega RS7 speakers sound 3d

Discussion in 'audio' started by audiojoy, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. audiojoy

    audiojoy pfm Member

    Over the last few weeks I have had good, bad and great moments with this speaker. Like all speakers it has its weaknesses.

    However it clearly excels at Timing. Its tiny drivers are light enough and agile enough to mimic the membranes of electrostatic speakers bursting with fine detail that is accurately defined by its ability to follow micro dynamic shifts and hence helping it communicate all the 'subtleties, nuances, pronunciations and artistry of the musicians'

    It is the closest speaker I have heard to the great quad esl57 electrostatics in its stacked version for both speed and transparency. However being so revealing any bright sounding ancillaries will have you running out of the room. It is also very fussy about room placement, again probably due to its neutrality. In my room I needed carpets and lots of room to find its sweet spot. This then nicely brings me onto why i started this thread. In order to tame its top end which was running riot in my wooden floored and empty room, i had to bring them forward from the rear walls. I continued until they were closer to me than the rear wall. 10 feet in front of the rear wall and 6 feet in front of me. About 8 feet apart and several feet away from the side walls. It was at this point that i noticed that as the speakers got closer and closer to me the more and more the sound stage kept growing behind the speakers until there was this huge cavernous space. It went back 10 feet right up to the rear wall right across the entire width of the room and up to the ceiling. (This was a similar effect I remember getting from my old stacked Quads) The speakers depending on the recording simply did not exist or form any connection whatsoever with the sound stage. The sound stage never once came forward of the speakers it just formed an entirely separate detached and almost holographic experience. Furthermore, tonally it sounded so much more even from top to bottom, not perfect but tolerable. I was now hearing things i had never before experienced from very familiar recordings. Musicians became genuinely life sized and had space to breath and display their artistry with more clarity than i had ever heard before. This was akin to a mini monitor and more. Fast flamenco guitars from a typical Paco Pena lp were so clear in their artistic intent. Following individual guitarists was so much more easier both in time and space in a way i just cannot ever remember having heard before. The auditorium stage lit up before me... the imaging was as large as i remember it to be live. Add to this its fantastic timing, and it was a joy to hear for the first time exactly what was captured by the microphones both musically and in space. The only time the speakers ever became directional was if the recording was deliberately made to sound so. Don't for one minute think i am describing my perfect loudspeaker. i am only highlighting some of its eye opening talents. Ones that nonetheless defines music more so than any other speaker I have owned. It is easy to call this a bright sounding speaker but by experimenting i have improved its tonality some what across the range. I could argue that it is so neutral that tonal aberrations are simply an artifact of the room and the ancillary equipment!
  2. nirvanah

    nirvanah pfm Member

    That is great to see you have found a place that your speakers are performing how you like them, is it realistic that you can leave them in that section of your room? I too am hearing a shine to my speakers, but with tiled floors, big glass windows and glass tables it is hardly surprising. I have accepted that this will be the case for a while, i also find myself moving the speakers around to find my sweet spot, unfortunately they cannot stay there. I am a firm believer that room treatment, power conditioning and speaker positioning are critical to how your system sounds.
  3. audiojoy

    audiojoy pfm Member

    I am embarassed to say it is a dedicated hifi listening room just for me, so they will stay where they are. But it was not the tonal control i want people to remember the article by. It is the dissapearing act these speakers managed whilst producing an incredibly large open soundstage that made musical nuances even more intelligible by giving them the space to breath and live in. An experience i have rarely heard before.
  4. audiojoy

    audiojoy pfm Member

    I wonder how much of the 3d illusion was down to my dual monoblock style use of two Brio-r amps??
  5. chaslovesmusic

    chaslovesmusic pfm Member

    Should have titled your thread:
    How to transform a floor stander into headphones.
  6. audiojoy

    audiojoy pfm Member

    thats a fair comparison cf headphones
  7. audiojoy

    audiojoy pfm Member

    i have the naims up and running, incredibly interesting comparison with the rega they are clearly different and give a different slant to the music. Been a long time since I revisited naim. Which IMO is better will need more extended reviewing and I will open a new thread describing my findings in my system. I have a feeling i have gone full circle from linn and naim in the 80's and back again to perhaps my final resting place.
  8. chaslovesmusic

    chaslovesmusic pfm Member

    Try a Mira if you can... it will suit those speakers (headphones now) best.
  9. Kermitthefrog

    Kermitthefrog Member

    This is pretty much how I ran my JMLab 905's when I had a dedicated room . I'll attest that the experience is nothing like headphones , just an amazing soundstage :)
  10. chaslovesmusic

    chaslovesmusic pfm Member

    Your last words said it all- amazing soundstage.
    And that's all you've got. You've robbed the speaker of any other resemblance of the floor stander it was meant to sound like. Hogwash is hogwash.
    Yet, I apologize for raining on someone's delightful to them parade... March on and enjoy.
  11. audiojoy

    audiojoy pfm Member

    some what premature comments from 'chas'

    my impression was that the characteristics of the sound were more or less the same as when closer to the rear wall just that the soundstage grew in proportion. Looking at some of the Rega demo room pictures at shows on the internet, it appears as though their speakers can be placed well into the room well away from the back wall with presumably the audience right up close in front of them....., so I dont quite understand some of the comments made.
  12. RustyB

    RustyB Registered Ginga

    It is also very fussy about room placement, again probably due to its neutrality.

    This doesn't make sense, if you think about it.

    In fact, the opposite is true; speakers that have a ragged FR are more unpredictable in their reaction to different rooms.
  13. audiojoy

    audiojoy pfm Member

    Rusty B

    My comment about neutrality was meant to mean that the speaker would highlight any frequency abberrations within a room immediately and hence spound poor until it was perfected. A speaker less neutral might well be designed to fit in with most room layouts and sound comfortable to the ear with less effort, if less accurate. Just a theory mind you so please feel free to contradict.

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