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Imerge S2000 MkII SoundServer

Discussion in 'audio' started by greygoose, Mar 25, 2020.

  1. greygoose

    greygoose pfm Member

    Does anyone have any experience of this product / company, units are of a certain vintage.
    Do do they perform sound wise and how was build quality / support?
  2. greygoose

    greygoose pfm Member

    Tumbleweed...... not a good sign, they were 4k back in the day.
  3. realysm42

    realysm42 reMember

    I’ve never heard of them tbh.
  4. garyi

    garyi leave blank

    Same platform as naims HDX?

    Not sure if you are looking out of interest but if you are looking because you want a ripper/server something like a vortex box would do the same job.

    I just dont think you stand a chance with these bespoke bits of kit from hifi companies. The one you mention has a 56kb modem port on it. Best left well alone.
    greygoose likes this.
  5. greygoose

    greygoose pfm Member

    I just saw one for sale recently and it mentioned a Wolfston DAC and could be used as a transport, never heard of them or seem them in circulation much.
    Just curious but as you said old Technology now.
  6. garyi

    garyi leave blank

    Well if you want a transport then I suppose its fine but its a lot of box for one specific function you want.
  7. pocketkitchen

    pocketkitchen Registered User

    Didn't they eventually fold and morph into Ripserver or something like that. They were cutting edge at the time when hifi companies made servers and I remember Lintone Audio in Gateshead demoing one once. There will almost certainly be no support unless you can find someone who was a dealer and who can support it. If you already have one, I'd give it to a geek who can remove and copy the data for you. If you're thinking of buying a second hand one, my advice would be don't. Certainly the company they morphed into had issues with support. That all relies on memory serving me correctly after 10 years...
    greygoose likes this.
  8. greygoose

    greygoose pfm Member

    Sound advice I think, I found a self help thread this morning detailing tales of woe regarding failed storage drives, advice on how to clone drives / linux and window licencing issues and using spare parts from the s2000 and s3000 units to varying degrees of success. Exactly what I didn't have to do....

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