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[Introducing: KBL Sound Anti-vibrant footers !]

Discussion in 'trade announcements' started by mr.gregdee, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. mr.gregdee

    mr.gregdee Trade: G Point Audio


    KBL Sound Anti-vibrant footers

    Proper isolation of audio equipment from vibration has a positive impact on their loss-less operation, resulting in more impressing and coherent playback as well as better tonal balance.

    KBL Sound footers are the result of long-term comparison of different design and material solutions. They are made of a special alloy enriched bronze filled with the two components, which are absorbing parasitic vibrations very effectively.

    Footers can be used under all devices and loudspeakers, but the largest effect is quite spectacular when used with sound sources (cd, dvd, DAC) or preamplifier. An improvement in sound energy and resolution becomes immediately noticeable.

    The colors become more saturated and all instruments are given clearer contours, and are better separated from the background. It seems to be more air around them.

    The set contains 3 pieces of identical footers.They have no load limits.

    Dimensions: Diameter 69 mm, height 37 mm.

    Price is £ 320 per bronze set and £ 200 per alloy set.
    At introductory I am looking for beta testers to hold the trial.
    Please contact me via pm or direct email to arrange demo.
  2. mr.gregdee

    mr.gregdee Trade: G Point Audio

  3. mr.gregdee

    mr.gregdee Trade: G Point Audio

    Couple of more people would be great to set up and start the trial !

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