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Isoblue 4 level rack

Discussion in 'charity' started by glenda, Aug 26, 2017.

  1. glenda

    glenda pfm Member

    The rack consists of a base shelf and three additional shelves in cherry(?)finish with an additional riser in oak which helps if your amp runs hot.I don't want any money but a donation to an animal charity would be great - current retail price is £175 per level but a much more modest donation would be fine.
    Collection is from just outside Pontypool in South Wales.

    It was bought from a fellow PFer some years ago and in good condition -I would say 7ish/10 - just needs a dust and polish which I'll do in the next few days.

    Many thanks

  2. Ragaman

    Ragaman pfm Member

    Any pics
  3. AudioAl

    AudioAl pfm Member

  4. glenda

    glenda pfm Member

    Now gone awaiting collection



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