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[FS] JBL L26 Decade and Marantz PM4

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by Philv, Jul 5, 2019.

  1. Philv

    Philv pfm Member

    Not sure about this, but car purchase may force sale.

    JBL 26 Decade speakers

    The JBl L26 are in excellent condition.

    The woofers were refoamed with correct surrounds from the states.

    The crossovers were replaced/upgraded with new crossovers designed by Troels Gravesen.


    All Jantzen componants.

    Crosscap and superier z cap capacitors.

    Coils and resistors.

    Jantzen felt insulation.

    jantzen sound deadening.

    New binding posts and wiring (non jantzen).

    Grilles are original brown in excellent condition.

    From 1974.

    One dustcap on a tweeter has a small obligatory dent. No affect on sound.

    i have had jbl 4312mk2, L50 and these.

    For my money, tne L26 are best.

    i had tne 4312mk2 at tne same time as tne L26 and sold the 4312mk2.


    Marantz pm4 integrated 18w class A amplifier.

    Excellent original condition.

    Not a lot to say. Gorgeous.

    Bought last year. I have 2 of tbese, tne other is reserved for a friend.


    Selling as a pair as tney sound great together.

    2 wonderful vintage items.

    £1000 collected from Grantham.

    I would split if buyers are found for both items.
    Say £500 each item.
    This is what i paid for the marantz pm4, and less than i paid having the L26 refurbed/upgraded.
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2019
  2. Philv

    Philv pfm Member

  3. eastone

    eastone pfm Member

  4. Philv

    Philv pfm Member

    Further info -

    The marnatz pm4 is totally original.
    The caps, etc appear in excellent shape internally.
    The phono stage works and is excellent.
    I have used both sets o speaker terminals and all is fine.
    No noise or pops or crackling.
    The class A light comes on when selected.
    The amp does not get overly hot or have any uneven hot spots.
    The balance selector is still there and functional (these usually go missing).
    It sounds excellent and is in excellent condition.

    The JBL L26 have the original boxes.
    They come with a spare set of foam surrounds (not needed for another 20-30 years?).
    The crossovers were built by Firebottle on Theartofsound, so build quality excellent.
    Troels Gravesen is a well respected speaker builder/modifier.
    As well as building speakers, he has designed and produced upgrades for various speakers, including the JBL L26, 4311, L100 variants.
    eastone likes this.

    ERICLIMPIT pfm Member

    I would like to give the PM4 a home please, if you can find a buyer for the JBL's
  6. Philv

    Philv pfm Member

    Ok noted
  7. Philv

    Philv pfm Member

    Wonderful pair of vintage JBLs.
    Firebottle built crossovers, designed by Troels Gravesen.
    High quality componants.
    The upgrades and refurb cost more tnan £450, excluding tne speakers.
  8. Philv

    Philv pfm Member

    JBL sold stp.

    Bump for the pm4.
    Collection only from Grantham
  9. Philv

    Philv pfm Member

    I would consider a courrier for the pm4.
    It would be very well packaged.
    But buyer to arrange courrier/insurance.
  10. gerlando

    gerlando pfm Member

  11. Philv

    Philv pfm Member

  12. Philv

    Philv pfm Member

    Both now sold.

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