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Kii III (pruned)

Discussion in 'trade discussion' started by Purité Audio, Dec 24, 2018.

  1. Mike Reed

    Mike Reed pfm Member

    Thanks Andrew but do I have to? :) I can't conjure up any enthusiasm for this type of product. Besides, I've got a fairly large room; big enough for large ESLs or any behemoth m.coil speaker. Bit pricy for my office ! (Yeah, dinosaur; I know.:()
  2. Andrew C!

    Andrew C! Been around a while....


    Not at all. You ask away as you wish.

    I was only being constructive/helpful.

    Have a good festive period btw...

    Ps my listening room isn’t too small, or too big...
  3. Purité Audio

    Purité Audio Trade: Purite Audio

    Wilson, Magico etc are just another passive loudspeaker albeit in a nice enclosure, the Kiis/8Cs/ Beolab 90s are entirely different animals.
  4. Rug Doc

    Rug Doc pfm Member

    If I had 27k to blow on a new speaker setup a visit to Keith would be first on my list. I love the tech in these bad boys, it’s not magic - it’s the way it should be done in this modern world of ours. The ‘gubbins’ aren’t a gimmick, they’re a solution.

    I think he’s pretty nearby? I’m in Farnham, Surrey? ... must stay away.
  5. Andrew C!

    Andrew C! Been around a while....

    I think that there must be a time when effective room compensation/correction isn’t just reliant on positioning and damping. The system should have capacity to discreetly do this, without sacrificing sound quality.

    I’m not for the kii in terms of appearance. Aesthetics will play a part, for me. The D&D ticks this box more for me.
  6. SteveH

    SteveH pfm Member

    Seriously? You have no ethusiasm for attempting to get the best sound that you can in your own environment? I thought that hi-fi was all about that?
    In contrast, I have lots of "enthusiasm" for getting the best sonic experience at home. When I saw the buzz about these, I went to listen since that's the only valid route to an opinion. I ended up buying them and facilitated that by selling my existing speakers + amps and racks etc. I quite like the way they look but couldn't care less if they looked like a butcher's dog - it's all about the sound.

    My lounge is huge and high; I could accomodate Focal Grande Utopias pretty easily (notwithstanding the cost). The Kiis sound beter than any "behemoth" I've ever had in there. AFAIAC, I'm giving away nothing by owning these. I will probably demo the BXT but am not really thinking of getting them since the sound I have presently is so satisfying that I'd rather spend my spare wedge elsewhere.
    Andrew C! likes this.
  7. Purité Audio

    Purité Audio Trade: Purite Audio

    Listening today with an engineer friend who runs ATC 150’s,

  8. Space is the Place

    Space is the Place pfm Member

    And the verdict is...?
  9. Purité Audio

    Purité Audio Trade: Purite Audio

    He liked them, they drew gasps which is always a good sign, especially from engineers when listening to their own recordings.
  10. herb

    herb music live

    What are those tangles of wire around the speaker Keith?
  11. Purité Audio

    Purité Audio Trade: Purite Audio

    Extremely expensive, hand made, Christmas tree lights. Rudolph isn’t included either but I might throw in a wise man or two.

    Sunflower Sutra likes this.
  12. Purité Audio

    Purité Audio Trade: Purite Audio

    Listening today with a friend and it is a terrible old chestnut but the Kii/BXt really do want to make you listen to all your favourite songs, just to hear what they sound like.
    Really incredibly good.
  13. SteveH

    SteveH pfm Member

    So what do these bring to the table over and above the already exceptional performance of the "naked" Kii Three?
  14. Purité Audio

    Purité Audio Trade: Purite Audio

    There is an option to switch the BXT module ‘off’ in the ‘control’s’ menu, so it is straightforward to compare .
    Technically bass is extended to 20Hz at -3dB at much higher spls, ( although I never found loudness an issue with the THREEs alone) the cardioid response is extended down to 20Hz and the speaker now becomes a line source, so some floor cancellations are cancelled.
    In terms of sound, everything is so clear, even low bass , they are like a ‘super’ three a three on steroids there is just more of everything .
    Not just louder but in terms of resolution even imaging , but at a price of course.
    I think you would have to try them and decide whether they are worth it.
    Personally I always wanted a pair of Beolab 90’s because they had that drama,scale, but the Kii/BXt has that they really are incredibly good, you know that already because you have a pair!
    They are without doubt the finest sound I have heard here.
  15. SteveH

    SteveH pfm Member

    Sounds like I need to stay well away from an audition!
    Once I've heard these I won't be able to "unhear" them...just as was the case when I heard the naked Kiis.
    I'm perfectly happy with my existing system, which is easily the best I have had at home. Do I need to be even happier vs. alternative ways to dump 15 large? Hmmmmmm.....
  16. Purité Audio

    Purité Audio Trade: Purite Audio

    You would always be most welcome, it would be interesting to hear your thoughts, the Kiis are on their own superb.
  17. Purité Audio

    Purité Audio Trade: Purite Audio

    Slightly gloomy photograph, but the 8Cs are back and set up next to the Kii/BXTs!


  18. Purité Audio

    Purité Audio Trade: Purite Audio

    Slightly less gloomy photograph, Kii THREEs with BXT module, Dutch&Dutch 8Cs and gradient 1.4s


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