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Kurt Elling

Discussion in 'music' started by Vinny, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. Vinny

    Vinny pfm Member

    In many, many ways not my thing at all, but it actually is. I am no fan of crooners, certainly not Sinatra (Matt Monroe was 100-fold better anyway), and yet this, or certainly the album, has Sinatra all over it for me.

    Try this, and others on YouTube -

  2. Colin L

    Colin L pfm Member

    I wrote a post about a month ago and got a few views and no replies as I recall. This album is a masterpiece and Kurt is by far the best male singer around IMO. His range, tone and control is quite stunning, coupled with great arrangements and interpretations of standards and new songs.
    AndyU likes this.
  3. Vinny

    Vinny pfm Member

    My apologies - I missed that. It is a wonderfully under-stated, cool, laid-back masterpiece of an album. Some great musicians backing him too, I have to say - some great sax playing as I type.

    It had been in my buy-later pile for a long while after stumbling across him trawling YouTube but only arrived at Christmas.
    Have you any of his other albums?
  4. Dougie2404

    Dougie2404 pfm Member

    Strange how we differ, I've seen him twice, had to be dragged screaming to the second concert.
  5. Colin L

    Colin L pfm Member

    Yes, most of his other albums. Nightmoves is his best IMO, and of the others I prefer the later ones.
  6. AndyU

    AndyU pfm Member

    I also think Kurt Elling is a great musician. Nightmoves is splendid, but I think Upward Spiral is also a tremendous album, great solos from Branford Marsalis. Rarely have I heard musicians listen and respond so intently to the songs. I’ve seen him three times live, including once with Marsalis. Brilliant.
    Colin L likes this.
  7. venton

    venton pfm Member

    I stumbled upon this album a few months ago and loved it. A very singular piece of art. The Keith Jarrett track bought tears to my eyes, as my Dad was a huge KJ fan.

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