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[LampizatOr launches their 211 mono amplifiers ;]

Discussion in 'trade announcements' started by mr.gregdee, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. mr.gregdee

    mr.gregdee Trade: G Point Audio

    1st of June LampizatOr launched their latest babies - 211 mono amps.
    Please follow the link to find out more about this excellent machines !

    I would say this is revolutionary and historical moment. This is for the very first time when such a quality amplifiers using this legendary triode had been ever offered to the audience as a mono option for such a little price.
    We talking about Quality here - not Chi- FI , please bare in mind;

    RETAIL PRICE FOR A PAIR IS: 5.900 euro (+VAT)
    It's just over 5 grands in Sterling today - double opportunity for bargain hunters ;)

    Regarding the fact they comes with NOS valves, are hand build to the order
    with all reliability and excellent service - these are simply STEAL !!!


    Before they come to us ,please enjoy a lovely snap of their GM 70 SE sisters in our venture ,
    pictured with LampizatOr Level 6 DAC build in a big chassis to match amps [ on customer's demand].

    We call it BIG SIX !

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