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[LampizatOr launches their Big Six - an alternative approach for Level 6 DAC ;]

Discussion in 'trade announcements' started by mr.gregdee, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. mr.gregdee

    mr.gregdee Trade: G Point Audio

    We have a great pleasure to announce officially The Big Six Dac launch ; ]

    All parameters, principles and specs of the Level 6 remains the same except
    that the box comes from the amplifiers. I share the resources and I can match
    the amps size and look for better matching on the shelf ,rack or floor-standing
    as some of our customers use them.


    The box is 60 cm deep and 45 cm wide – like the amplifier.

    Tubes are not exposed.

    The MDF natural veneer is Canadian Walnut.

    Sub-chassis floor is solid wood Merenga

    NET Weight is 15 kg

    Top plate is laser engraved Plexiglas

    The price – as for all Level 6 DACs- is 4900 Euro plus VAT ( 20 % in U.Kingdom)

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