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Linn Axis Repair

Discussion in 'd.i.y.' started by Scoobydoo, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. Scoobydoo

    Scoobydoo pfm Member

    I've just been given a Linn Axis. Usual story, there's a problem with the PSU. It'll start spinning and then after a couple of minutes it starts to slow down. I can't find anybody who services or repairs the PSU board, so I'm wondering what other options I have? Surely something like a Lingo could be connected without too much hassle?
  2. david ellwood

    david ellwood Kirabosi Kognoscente

    Sounds like it’s electrically fine.

    How does the motor bearing feel?
  3. Arkless Electronics

    Arkless Electronics Trade: Amp design and repairs.

    You didn't look very far then;)
    ian r likes this.
  4. linnfomaniac83

    linnfomaniac83 I bet you can’t wheelie a unicycle!

    The Lingo costs as much used as a good condition, working Axis. It is possible to repair the axis PSU though. I’d start with replacing all the electrolytic caps and see how it goes. There are some diodes which can fail and cause issues too but its a few years since I’ve worked on one so without one in front of me and/or schematic, I couldn’t say off the top of my head. Sometimes op amps or output transistors can go bad too but it’s unusual and it probably wouldn’t spin the platter up at all in that case. I must stress, only work on it yourself if you have some experience and have a way of current limiting it when testing it. I’d take it on myself if I weren’t already rather busy. If you’re still stuck in a few weeks, drop me a PM and I’ll help if I have time.
  5. david ellwood

    david ellwood Kirabosi Kognoscente

    The axis was the first linn motor controller to have a high start voltage that subsides after it gets the platter moving and then goes into low noise reduced voltage mode.

    It relys on the platter inertia to keep it moving and will often fail to spin if disconnected.

    Sticky bearings are the most likely issue but a recap is probably prudent also.
  6. RustyB

    RustyB Registered Ginga

    One note of caution: the Axis motor/psu must be tested with the belt and platter attached.
  7. vinylslug

    vinylslug Rebuilding my Vinyl collection.

    Might seem obvious, but have you cleaned the bearing and re-filled with oil, so that all is spinning smoothly?
  8. ian r

    ian r 401's Nakman

    i would pass on spending money on getting an Axis going

    i had one come in with some kit i gathered for a then girlfriend.... It had the early arm.... was it a basik or was there a mk1 with a different arm .... an Acos or something...

    It did not sound good. Not meaning to be sniffy but i found a Connesseur deck ( very cheap but proper engineering and often sold as a kit) and a rega mk 1 were much better sounding with R250 arms
  9. Mr Pig

    Mr Pig ^'- -'^

    Johnnie/Audio Origami can fix the Axis power supply boards. He does Valhallas too.

    I disagree about not bothering to fix an Axis. Just because there are better turntables in the world doesn't make the Axis rubbish. If you enjoy it and are happy with it then of course you should fix it.
  10. orlando1

    orlando1 Member

    I agree with you Mr Pig,

    when set up well, the Linn Axis is a fine turntable that puts a very rounded, musically satisfying performance. I'd say It's definitely worth repairing.
  11. RustyB

    RustyB Registered Ginga

    Yep, fine sounding middle-rank deck that is also very user-friendly.
  12. david ellwood

    david ellwood Kirabosi Kognoscente

    Scooby doo (where are you)?
  13. Craig B

    Craig B Re:trophile

    If he is a proper dog sleuth, he'll be sniffing round C6, C11, C16, and C17.
  14. Arkless Electronics

    Arkless Electronics Trade: Amp design and repairs.

    OP PM'ed me to say he would box it up and send it off to me for repair within a few days... going on a month ago... haven't heard from him since and he appears to not have returned to the thread since... must have decided not to bother I guess...
    Pete MB&D likes this.

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