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linn kan and LINN KAN!!!

Discussion in 'classic' started by PlattenFantast, May 19, 2007.

  1. PlattenFantast

    PlattenFantast TT user

    Back in the mid 1980's to early 1990's, I had (three pairs of) Linn Kans, and they provided an utterly musically coherent and satisfying listen, I always felt.
    Then, 'cos of many different reasons, these particular Linn/Naim bits were sold off.
    Some time ago, I bought a s/h pair of Kans (Sno. approx. 30000) - last version of the Kan I, I believe.
    To make a short story even shorter; they sounded inexplicably horrendous; thin, overly analytic, and with truly no bass whatsoever...I was baffled, but had the chance of hearing the same vintage Kans at a friend's - same result.
    I was about to "give up" regarding Kans, when pair real oldie ones (Sno. 45/46, i.e. Chartwell LS3/5A cabinets) turned up in the calssifieds (here at PFM) - I bought those and just got them home yesterday.
    WOOOOUUUWWWWWW - It's all there again; the sheer musical magic, that I recalled from my earlier Kans, in every respect transcending the diminutive size of the speaker and possibly challenging many (larger) speakers when it comes to connecting the listener to the music - I'm truly happy about these and just wanted to share my joy and at the same time ask, if anybody can explain what on earth they (Linn) were thinking, when "upgrading" this little marvel of a speaker to something lifeless and unlistenable?
    Very sad indeed.
  2. Robert

    Robert Tapehead

    Hi Peter,

    I've just started using my Kan IIs again after over two years with a pair of huge wide bandwidth monsters.
    They certainly do some things stunningly well and have the ability to make most music played through them come alive.
    There is a sting in the tail however which is very obvious at first but fades over the days and weeks as you re-adjust to the slightly wayward tonal balance.

    Small speakers are out of fashion it seems at the moment among the 'real' audio community but they do some things which large boxes find hard if not impossible to match. A good, solidly engineered pair of tiddlers like the Kans simply ooze coherence.
  3. syep2001

    syep2001 pfm Member

    Thats great Peter, i'm glad you're enjoying them much as I did, I can't help thinking that i'd have been better buying an amp to power them than keep with my bottles!

    They were quite special, more so than the only other pair of Kan's I have ever heard!
  4. ex brickie

    ex brickie pfm Member

    I agree re small speakers. Some of the most satisfying sounds I've heard were from my old AR18s
  5. PlattenFantast

    PlattenFantast TT user

    Well, these oldie Kans are truly amazing - why did Linn opt to make later Kan 1s harder, thinner and more analytical?
    I have this somewhat cynical theory then, that they just might have done so, in order to sell more higher powered (read more expensive) amps to make those later Kan 1s sound acceptable...or perhaps that's just me then..?
    Or might it have something to do with the change of the Linn/Naim axis collaboration?
    Anyway, I'm a happy chappy with these ones...GREAT STUFF!!!
  6. jules68leo

    jules68leo pfm Member

    Hi there,

    Just read your thread with much interest, you might notice i'm selling a pair of AE1 classic mkIII speakers, i don't really want to bore you with the details....but needless to say my 23 year old Kan II's are back in my System they are astonishing i've had them since '88 and they were 4 years old then!

    Sometimes i forget what i'm actually listening to because of the sound that comes out of 'em! you just don't expect it, it's like they defy the laws of physics or something!

    Just in case you're interested my system is Linn/Ittok/DV10X5, Arcam CD36, Nac 102, Hi-Cap, Nap 250 (recently re-capped as was Hi-Cap)
    Room is 17' x 11' with carpet over wooden floor.

    Basically i couldn't agree more, happy listening!
  7. jaf229

    jaf229 pfm Member

    id like feedback regarding tukans compared to kans...my first linn product were a new pr of walnut tukans...BEAUTIFUL finish.. thing is ive always used them on my "second" system...with nothing than an all in one NAD L40. my main system is linn, and while in upgrade stages, i didnt have main speakers for a while and hooked up the tukans...they were quite impressive...im thinking of maybe getting these babys activ with a classic, and maybe a 5125. but back to my original ? are kans better? im told katans are better than tukans...???
    I second the notion for small speakers...im running activ 212s with 200w chakra...amazing..i had a sub with my other amps...dont need it now with these amps...
  8. georgeg

    georgeg Member

    ive gone back to my kans as well. no arguments re setup. mk11 stands .levelled.no rocking.hard against an outside wall. naim amp in my case nait 2. and the music just floods out. gone are the days of fiddling with various floorstanders.an inch this way an inch that way toe in etc etc. in fact ive never been more satisfied.
  9. topa

    topa Sans CDPs

    Tukans are no comparison.
    I had to downsize (smaller room) coming from active Kabers and my first attempt was going for active Tukans. They were simply too slow and had unpleasent bass rumble. I was using 2xLk100 active, and thought I needed more power, so I tried an active Klout for the bass (tight, but boring) and 2xLk240s which snapped things up rhythmicly, but just didn't suit me otherwise. (They are very "raw" compared to a Klout).

    So after changing amps thrice and fiddling about for weeks I by chance picked up a Kan II and am a happy bunny ever since.
    They don't even need that much power, I sold off all the Linn stuff and came by with a Densen integrated, which does everything
    a Kairn+2xKlout could do easily.

    Only problem is I do miss the full-driven afternoons when nobody is in the house except me. Kan's just won't go very loud. The Tukans could rock the place for sure. Seldomly done, but fun nevertheless.
  10. RJohan

    RJohan pfm Member

    The bass drivers in Kan's, Kef B110, changed their characteristics in production over time. A peak in the midrange that always where there got more exagarated. There where also some seasonal changes in production! This is probably what you hear, generally the older the better here.

    BTW, I have Chartwell LS3/5a's myself in my 'home TV' system. Has been thinking of converting them to early Kan's...

  11. hifienthusiast

    hifienthusiast Vintage by heart

    Don't! The Chartwell LS3/5a worth over 1000 pounds in ebay!
  12. RJohan

    RJohan pfm Member

    Well, the idea was to make it reversible. Probably won't happen anyway.

  13. PlattenFantast

    PlattenFantast TT user

    These olde Kans are stunningly charismatic and just pulls me into the music.
    The pairs I used to have back in the -80's/early -90's, were too very early Kan 1s - proper speaker binding posts sticking out at the back - (obviously not as early as the Sno. 45/46 I now have) and sounded, as far as I can remember, very similar to these - music makers par excellence; no fuss, no "hi-fi"...no nothing...just music.
    Still wonder why later Kan 1s sound hard, thin, analytical and cold...why didn't Linn just go on to make these as they used to?
    Never listened to Kan 2s myself, but from what you seem to be saying, the magic was brought back with this incarnation.
    These have now been playing almost around the clock and I still can't believe it's not butter...since it is :D
    Funny thing is that (just like back in the 80's with Kans), I don't feel I miss any bass, or anything else for that matter...and I'm normally a bass freak (within reason).
    So for now, I can forget about "audio" and just enjoy me music, 'cos Kan really can.
  14. John

    John TDS free

    Having heard both Kans, the one's with the binding posts sticking out and the newer Kan 1's, I'd have to think there was something wrong. I would not describe the later Kan 1's as lifeless and unlistenable, maybe the drivers were real loose or they weren't setup as well. Anyway, glad you found a pair of Kans that you like, I think they're great speakers myself.

    Count me in as another who enjoys the sounds from smaller boxes.

    sybil likes this.
  15. PlattenFantast

    PlattenFantast TT user

    Inspired by these Olde Worlde Kans, I just bought some late 1970's B110/SP1003 and KEF T27/1032 and will be trying to get my hands on some Scan Speak tweeters too - BTW was it Scan Speak 2905 they used for the 1:st gen. Kan or..?
    I have downloaded the plans from the LS3/5A site and will be trying to build a second pair of Kans myself.
    Anybody tried this (I bete there must be someone out there)?
    The plan is to use the same type of cabinet (=LS3/5A) as my (Chartwell) Linn Kan, i.e. plywood.
    Any advice, hints as regards these cabinets, xovers, damping etc. is very welcome, and thanks!
  16. PlattenFantast

    PlattenFantast TT user

    Just realised this last post of mine probably crosses over and belongs in the DIY section instead, but still; any advice greatly appreciated!
  17. Stevie A

    Stevie A pfm Member

    The best Kan's i ever heard were the pair that i used to own about 20 years since,they were a beautiful mk1 Rosewood set ane sounded exquisite,especially when driven by a pair of mono-bloks!!

    I only wish i had them now as a spare pair!!!
  18. Nick_S

    Nick_S Troglodyte

    Why not omit the internal cross-over circuit altogether and make them active. I believe Kans could be ordered from Linn in this arrangement at one time.

  19. Harry1212

    Harry1212 pfm Member

    Aktive Kans. Kool. ;)
  20. PlattenFantast

    PlattenFantast TT user

    Active Kans is definitely an idea to consider - however; I'm so in love with my original Kans, that I'd like to try to make a second pair just like them, if at all possible ;)

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