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LINN Karousel bearing upgrade available from DNA Audio Otley

Discussion in 'trade announcements' started by dna audio, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. dna audio

    dna audio Trade: DNA Audio

    The New LINN Karousel bearing upgrade is available from DNA Audio in Otley from March 23rd. Our new Karousel demo deck is on order and will be with us soon. The Karousel replaces the Cirkus bearing which has been in service for 27 years. We expect the Karousel to make a significant step change in LP12 performance just as the Cirkus did all those years ago. LINN have taken advantage of significant material technologies that have become available over the last two and a half decades or so to produce a lower friction more stable design that will last even longer than the outgoing Cirkus bearing. It will retail for £750 inc fitting.
    We will be able to demonstrate the Karousel bearing on every level of LP12 from Majik to Klimax. We will have two identical decks apart from Karousel on one and Cirkus on the other so you can compare them directly. If you would like to compare the two or discuss other LP12 upgrades please get in touch.

    We are open from 1pm Tuesday to Friday and from 10am on Saturday's.
    Part exchange welcome.

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