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Linn Majik LP12 Conundrum

Discussion in 'audio' started by Robby, Oct 2, 2018.

  1. Norman Green

    Norman Green pfm Member

    I have the Linn Klyde cartridge and find it to be easy listening with a nice ‘fat ‘ bass, excellent midrange and somewhat muted treble. I’ve heard more detailed, precise and ‘better’- whatever that means - non Linn cartridges with excellent tracking and great detail – very impressive. But then along with this clarity l hear relative leanness and sharpness - fatigue sets in and I miss the nice rounded balance of the Klyde.

    Great match for Ekos2 , Lingo 2, Isoblue, 72/250 /Arc2
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  2. Bob McC

    Bob McC Living the life of Riley

    Care to enlighten us?
  3. Rockmeister

    Rockmeister pfm Member

    which is like asking father christmas if he's ever seen a present :)
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  4. Nic Robinson

    Nic Robinson Moderator

    I would have thought it obvious that pouring more money into the LP12 is one way, another way is to try different decks.

    I'm much more interested in vintage than new and, liking what idlers do, have enjoyed Lencos and Garrards more than my LP12 which I soldiered on with for a quarter of a century before trying something else.
  5. denni55

    denni55 pfm Member

    Plenty of good used LP12's around, pictured in my avatar is an '87 black ash which has been added to over the years.
    Lingo,Linto ,Cirkus, Ekos 2 and a Dynavector DV XX2 Mk2 .
  6. John

    John TDS free

    I agree with Charlie. Sounds like you acquired the deck second hand so no telling how well it’s setup.

    Looks like you’ve been around the block with turntables...

    Good Luck,
  7. Rockmeister

    Rockmeister pfm Member

    is a couple of Regas and a Project 'around the block'? :)
    Not unusual to find Rega and Linn in the same dealers...what about trying something else good....
    Michell? Palmer? Technics? N.Analogue? Townshend? Voyd? SME? Clearaudio? Brinkman? VPI? Kuzma? Oracle? Roksan? zzzzzz
    any of those easily avaiable for £3000 odd used (for some), and for Linn + Extras money????
  8. John

    John TDS free

  9. Jonn

    Jonn Tons of Trouble

    Like quite a few here, I bought an LP12 in the mid 80s and upgraded it over the years so ended up with a lot invested and because of this a disinclination to try anything else. Thinking back the best sounding was the version I had in the early 90s (Valhalla/Ittok/Troika/Prefix).​

    The last iteration I had (Ekos SE/Akiva/Urika/Radikal/Keel) was the least played. The undoubtedly greater refinement seemed to be at the expense of musical engagement. I was also caught up in the mistaken belief that the next upgrade would be the “one” promoted by dealers, third party manufacturers and their acolytes.

    So tired of all the mythologising and the fact there was lot of money tied up in something I was rarely using,I sold my LP12 for £7500 and set aside £2500 of this to buy another turntable so I could listen to vinyl occasionally as I didn’t want to sell the records that I had grown up with.

    Rega decks were an obvious choice but while the RP6 and RP8 I listened to were OK sounding they didn’t really engage. On the advice of a friend I listened to a Well Tempered Simplex and although at first sight my expectations were low I was surprised to hear how good it sounded. At least on par with the LP12 for detail and far exceeding in terms of musical engagement. So much so that I ended up buying the dealers exdem WP Simplex with Dynavector P75 mk4 phono stage and Dynavector 20X2 cartridge all within my budget. I’ve listened to more vinyl in the past month than in the last year and escaped the LP12 upgrade bug. The WT is what it is.
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  10. Andrew C!

    Andrew C! Been around a while....

    Interesting OP and subsequent responses.

    I acquired my LP12 2nd hand many years ago. I’ve tinkered with it to an extent, with the most expensive addition being the DV XX2 cart fitted a couple of months ago.

    I think, with an element of disposable income and the hifi being my main hobby, it was easy to upgrade the rig.

    These days, I’m much more circumspect about it. I don’t mind little tweaks, but I’ll think long and hard about box/component upgrades.

    Fwiw I changed from Ittok to the Nima, and love it. I guess I like unipivots.
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  11. Robby

    Robby pfm Member

    The LP12 was bought from a respected Linn dealer and was serviced and set up for me prior to purchase.
  12. Robby

    Robby pfm Member

    I'll have a tinker with positioning this weekend when I have some more time.

    Will report back.
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  13. tenpercenter

    tenpercenter Don't ya rile 'em.....

    If you bought a Radikal, got it properly setup, it would transform the sound. From that basis you could work out an upgrade plan at your pace / budget / preference etc. Upgrading a Majik deck with a Radikal is a well thought of move in Linn circles and it really works IMHE.

    With LP12s though, second hand is always the best value

    There is a superb spec LP12 for sale in the Trade Sales section as an example of that. Fantastic spec for the money.

    Alternatively try other decks and if you find something you really like get off the train.....
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2018
  14. linnfomaniac83

    linnfomaniac83 I bet you can’t wheelie a unicycle!

    He does have an LP12, a Majik LP12 is just an LP12 packaged with the “Majik” PSU (a simple passive phase shift design) and the Pro-Ject arm and Adikt cartridge. The deck itself is a circused LP12. What linn do offer now is three grades of sub chassis, so if you buy a bare deck (yes, you still can) or a Majik LP12, you get the Majik sub chassis which is an improvement on the bonded steel type that came on earlier decks. An Akurate deck gets the Kore sub chassis and of course you get the Keel on a Klimax spec deck. Any model can be upgraded one component at a time towards the next spec of you feel inclined and there’s no reason you couldn’t fit earlier higher spec components to a Majik LP12 such as an Ekos and a Lingo, it’d be at least as good as a late 90s flagship deck if you did.

    Alternatively you could decide the LP12 isn’t for you but I’d listen to some other LP12s at a dealer such as Cymbiosis first.
  15. linnfomaniac83

    linnfomaniac83 I bet you can’t wheelie a unicycle!

    I sold my LP12 along with the rest of my top flight Linn equipment because I needed to move to a bungalow and wanted to set up a new business from home, which so far is paying off. I was always happy with my LP12 but always had a bit of an urge to try a Roksan Xerxes 20+, I definitely think I’ll try one fitted with a Nima and something like a Cadenza blue when I’m ready. If I don’t get on with it, I can carry the arm and cartridge over to an LP12 quite easy and I will be happy with that.
  16. john & Jake

    john & Jake Jake was smarter than me

    Hi, I have upgraded my LInn with the Majik chassis and to be honest changing the subchassis isn't a very big upgrade in sound quality. I think the reason is the armboard.
    I modded my armboard so that the arm bolts directly to the subchassis by-passing the board.
    There was an immediate improvement and I'm now totally happy with the Majik chassis.

    There is a point with upgrades where a line has to be drawn, if you can get to a point where you are happy with the sound.
    Any other Linn upgrades are not cost effective for me being on a budget, so more records is a priority. But I find my LP12 addictive.
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  17. ex brickie

    ex brickie pfm Member

    I want to know whether the OP noticed any improvement with the £15 upgrade (Lack table)

    Having read Tony's post I'm thinking I'm missing a trick. I have an LP12 and have it placed on a Mana reference top which itself is on top of a rack full of heavy gear. I'm not unhappy with the sound but wondering now whether getting a wall shelf up (I already have one) would bring a cheap and worthwhile improvement. I don't have space for a separate low level table...
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  18. john & Jake

    john & Jake Jake was smarter than me

    I have my Linn on a Lack table (modified) and find it very revealing. I took the Trampolin off the bottom as it was ruining the bounce of my Majik subchassis. No base fitted now. The tables are about £6 each and I've used various parts of 3 to make one suitable, stiffened, table.
  19. Robby

    Robby pfm Member

    Not had a chance to report back on this. Tried it on a Lack table and it does make a difference. Made a subtle but worthwhile difference to performance.

    The only issue I had was when the wife said "you are not thinking of leaving that table there are you?". Why do wives always frame a question in such a way when what they really mean to ask is "you are not leaving that table there. Are you?"

    The table is now back in my son's bedroom.
  20. Eyebroughty

    Eyebroughty JohnC

    So does this mean you are back to square one?

    The way some wives would say it would be " That table is not staying there" :D

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