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[FS] Lots of excellent hifi : Naim, Linn, Tannoy, NOS

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by Rallye_punk, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. Rallye_punk

    Rallye_punk pfm Member

    I need to thin down my hifi collection in the coming weeks and will have a number of items for sale.

    I will begin by saying that everything is in immaculate condition. I am extremely fussy with my equipment and over the years have driven the full length of the country where necessary to buy good examples, as such, all the items listed are like new or very close to it given their age.

    I will post photos over the next couple of days but in the meantime if you wish to express interest in making a purchase please do so below or via pm.

    Unless I have expressly mentioned that servicing has been carried out please assume that it hasn't. That being said, I use all of the components below on a daily basis and am satisfied that it is not a requirement at present. I've been listening to music via Naim systems for many years and have needed to service the odd one here and there so have a good idea of when they are underperforming and need a service, opposed to just chucking money at them for no good reason. Suffice to say everything I have for sale is performing as it should do, i.e. excellently.

    Whilst I am open to sensible offers I have aligned prices with current market values so there will not be a lot of movement to the figures noted below. However if you wish to make an offer please do so, but please do not waste your time or mine by making silly proposals.

    None of the prices include postage so this will need to be added / agreed upon. Small items I am more than happy to post for a sensible fee. With regard to the bulkier items I would prefer collection from my home in Somerset or I would be happy for the buyer to arrange their own courier.


    1No. x Naim Audio 32.5 c/w MM phono cards (chrome bumper with knurled dials) £395
    1No. x Naim Audio Hi-Cap (chrome bumper) £385
    1No. x Naim Audio Nap 250 (chrome bumper) £950
    1No. x Pair of rare Tannoy SRM 12X, teak finish in almost unmarked condition £1,795


    Naim Audio Fraimlite: Base plus three shelves (4 in total) cherry with black uprights £1,049


    1No. x Extremely rare Linn Speed Calibration stroboscope and Stylus Alignment tool £375
    1No. x Linn LP12 Armboard for use with Ekos Tonearm (new) £65
    3No. x Naim Audio Nap 250 chrome bumper fascia (NOS) £95
    1No. x Naim Audio Hi-Cap chrome bumper fasica (NOS) £85
    1No. x Naim Audio 32.5 chrome bumper fascia (NOS) £85
    1No. x Naim Audio Hi-Cap Olive fascia (NOS) £85
    4No. x Naim Audio Hi-Cap / 110 / 140 control dial (NOS) £65 (I will also include a replacement switch)

    Think there is more but I need to review my collection again before listing anything further!

    Please post here or pm me if you would like to express interest or ask any questions.

  2. Rallye_punk

    Rallye_punk pfm Member

  3. Rallye_punk

    Rallye_punk pfm Member

  4. Rallye_punk

    Rallye_punk pfm Member

    More pics:



  5. Rallye_punk

    Rallye_punk pfm Member

  6. eastone

    eastone pfm Member

    Gosh those Tannoys really do look pristine. Which drivers do they use?
  7. Rallye_punk

    Rallye_punk pfm Member

    Thanks. Yes they are like new. The only small Mark is on the right back edge of one cabinet as seen in the third from last photo. Otherwise they’re like they’ve been a museum for all these years. I’ll check the driver later I can’t remember off the top of my head.
  8. Rallye_punk

    Rallye_punk pfm Member

    All Naim components preliminarily reserved pending payment. Other parts are still available. Thanks.
  9. Vinny

    Vinny pfm Member

  10. Rallye_punk

    Rallye_punk pfm Member

    Audiogold do seem to charge a lot more but then they are a shop / business and have overheads to cover so this makes sense. I paid 2.1k for mine when I bought them but it was / is a sellers market as they are impossible to find especially is such condition so I paid the price needed to secure them. It is what it is. That Ebay pair looked like a bargain!

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