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Luke Sital Singh

Discussion in 'music' started by Vinny, Nov 11, 2017.

  1. Vinny

    Vinny pfm Member

    I bought his first album - Fire Inside - way back and was impressed - quite something from someone who has no major love of the male voice. I had missed the release of the latest album - Time is a Riddle - but it is playing now and is equally as good and a very good pressing too.

    He seems to get lumped into the folk genre but of the acts that I know well enough to be able to compare him too, his style reminds me most of Neil Young or Johnny Cash, in part at least.

    Curious? - investigate a few tracks on YouTube.
  2. JD68

    JD68 pfm Member

    Never heard of him but will investigate.
  3. wacko

    wacko pfm Member

    I bought the first on vinyl on impulse as price was OK. Not too impressed and only played it twice...

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