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[FS] Mana Reference Wall Shelf

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by davidbowdler, Apr 12, 2019.

  1. davidbowdler

    davidbowdler pfm Member

    I bought a Mana reference Wall Shelf from PFM years ago and never used it as I had a concrete floor put in with floor-based Mana.

    It's still in the box, professionally packed by the previous owner/user. It was described as being in great condition.

    I'm travelling South next Tuesday from the West Coast Of Scotland to the M74/M6, via Rugby on Wednesday, to Cymbiosis on Thursday with my LP12 so could meet on the way or at Peter's emporium.

    Looking for £150.

  2. finvarg

    finvarg pfm Member

    PM sent
  3. max626x

    max626x pfm Member

    Hi David

    Yes Please.

    I’ll take this at the asking price and meet at Peter’s on Thursday.


    PM sent
  4. davidbowdler

    davidbowdler pfm Member

    Now sold. Thanks for looking. David
  5. max626x

    max626x pfm Member

    Hi David
    Have sent a PM!

    Apologies but due to circumstances outside my control, I will be unable to meet-up at cymbiosis to complete this purchase.

    So hey everyone, this Mana Reference wall shelf is still available for some lucky buyer!

  6. JimmyB

    JimmyB pfm Member

    Whereabouts in the West? I'm over in Edinburgh but finding it notoriously hard to get over to the other side these days but if you can wait for pickup I can pay and collect later?
  7. davidbowdler

    davidbowdler pfm Member

    Hi - it’s again available at Cymbiosis on Thursday or I’ll be travelling back up the A1 and could make a detour on my way home to the Isle Of Skye via Jedburgh/Edinburgh ringroad late Thursday eve. David
  8. Hove 100

    Hove 100 Member

    If still available- i would like it.

    PM sent

  9. davidbowdler

    davidbowdler pfm Member

    Now sold again! David

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