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Manchester Collective

Discussion in 'classical' started by tyrant, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. tyrant

    tyrant pfm Member

    If you like both old and modern classical music or are new to classical music in general and would like to see something a bit different live, check out this brilliant young new group called the Manchester Collective. They have an intriguing series of concerts in Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Hull, etc. that may challenge some preconceptions about classical concerts, a bit like Kronos in the past. The first one I went to interspersed Schumann's Waldszenen with Kurtag's Microludes, which was really well performed if a bit gimmicky, but the surprising highlight was a terrific piece by Nigel Westlake (don't be fooled by the references to film scores when you google the name). The group gave excellent committed performances all around. Next up in the series is Pierrot Lunaire, which I have never seen performed, but the concert that first caught my attention in their programming is Crumb's Black Angels and Schubert's Death and the Maiden early next year. Wow! Should be amazing.
    Almost forgot: they have concession tickets for only £5!!!

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