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MDAC First Listen (part 00011111)

Discussion in 'audio' started by PhilCTTE, Apr 1, 2014.

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  1. PhilCTTE

    PhilCTTE Senior mumbler

    It's always been a case of DAC on then source (Netbook via USB). My Netbook boots up very quickly and if it does start before the Mdac then you get no output. Not really bothered why as it performs without a glitch all the time. Only issue I get is with replay software clashes from switching between JRiver and Spotify. Just use the old I.T support mantra:)
  2. travelfotografe

    travelfotografe pfm Member


    There was this thread (http://www.pinkfishmedia.net/forum/showthread.php?t=134663) about no sound, -80dB and buffer flushing issues when using the A.10 firmware with the SBT+EDO on USB connection. Adrian's post provides more technical diagnostics (http://www.pinkfishmedia.net/forum/showpost.php?p=1955357&postcount=31)

    These issues were not present in the .90 firmware.
  3. JohnW

    JohnW Trade: Lakewest

    "happens it causes MDAC to get into the locked up -80dB state" I'm guessing that this is a different issue from "No sound from the MDAC".
  4. Space is the Place

    Space is the Place pfm Member

    Hi is there only one installment left to pay for MDAC? (Paid for a salvaged silver MDAC and all the other installments so far). I haven't been keeping up with the thread so i dont know whats happening, thanks :).
  5. sam_cat

    sam_cat ᶜ ᶦˢ ᶠᵒʳ ᶜᵒᵒᵏᶦᵉ

    I get the same.. Simply change source on the MDac then change back to USB. Get sound then.
  6. JohnW

    JohnW Trade: Lakewest

    Ii you want the basic version then there's one more installment remaining - if you want the Advanced version with DSP (for advanced digital filtering, EQ / gentle tone controls, Room Correction, Bass management, Headphone Crossfeed & what ever else we dream up :) ), Bluetooth, Analogue attenuator, ASRC free SPDIF Mode & Advanced decorrelation then its an extra installment so 2x GBP100 still pending.
  7. PhilCTTE

    PhilCTTE Senior mumbler

    John as I haven't got my ass into gear over sourcing a donor MDAC, I don't mind going to the end of the queue. In regards to a salvaged unit are you expecting anymore ?
    Bit of a cash flow issue at the moment as my ageing car has just cost a grand to get back on the road :( How long have we got until the final payment is due ?

    Kind regards

    edit ** I mention "end of" queue , but this will be a different exercise from the original MDAC upgrades taking 2/3 days each to turnaround. When these new boards go into production is it a quick turnaround or will there be additional work involved by yourself to assemble the final unit and soak test etc..? Just wondered if once they go into production you would be shipping 20 (picked a number out of the air) a week ?
  8. The Fly

    The Fly New Member

    I wasn't sure where to post this exactly and I tried to find similar issues on the forum first, but I'm having a problem with my MDAC since I moved it. It all seems fine when I hook it up it says USB ready, but as soon as I hit play it says unlocked and it doesn't work. I've tried different inputs, different sources and different cables. I've done a factory restart, reinstalled all cables and reinstalled the latest firmware but nothing seems to work. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance.
  9. JohnW

    JohnW Trade: Lakewest


    Don't worry we are still months away before we start manufacture if the PCB's, only at this time we will "close" the order book.

  10. JohnW

    JohnW Trade: Lakewest

    Very odd - is the power cable firmly inserted on the rear of the MDAC? - Non of the pins missing or bent on the power cable?

    Try reloading the software - uploading say V0.90 or A08 software.

    Its very odd the unit say "unlock" when your using the USB - I wonder if the front panal cable is loose internally...
  11. jirij

    jirij Virtual Member

    I've been able to observe similar behavior and Adrian's description would fit my scenario.

    My scenario is opening the pcm device as soon as it appears in the system (when the MDAC is still powering up). It happens quite rarely, but if I start playing music at this point (even with 0.90 firmware), the MDAC remains silent - at normal volume levels, with the volume bars going like normal, with the relay click present, ..., just no sound.
    If this behavior maps to the -80dB issue on newer firmware versions, it *could* be the same issue.

    However it happens quite rarely for me - in most cases, MDAC just starts playing as soon as it boots up.
  12. JohnW

    JohnW Trade: Lakewest

    Thats a different "known" issue with V0.90 - don't forget that as the initial release V.90 has a few small bugs - I believe it might have been fixed in V0.96, but certainly by A08...

    I'm not sure it it was described in the software revision info. but its to do with correctly loading the Digital filter - you can always cycle thought the filters to reload them the next time it occurs.
  13. jirij

    jirij Virtual Member

    Ah, thanks.
  14. PhilCTTE

    PhilCTTE Senior mumbler

    This fusion Mdac is sublime ... It even makes the Distllers albums sound great. And they are really ropey recordings. Why is it that music you love quite often are the worst quality ? ...
  15. jirij

    jirij Virtual Member

    Tell me about it. Lots of tracks here, but vast majority of them rather "crappy" in terms of recording/mastering. Then there's the dillema whether to be true to the source file (be "transparent") and produce horrible music or whether to color the music and produce pleasant results.
  16. JohnW

    JohnW Trade: Lakewest

    Yes - my Brittney Spears CD's sound so over compressed - with no sound stage :p

    But your correct almost all "Modern / Popular" recordings are unbelievably bad...
  17. JohnW

    JohnW Trade: Lakewest

    OK - New DSP option "the sound diffuser" :p
  18. therixonator

    therixonator pfm Member

    Spot on Chris!
  19. therixonator

    therixonator pfm Member

    Hi John,

    Just to throw in my tuppence worth of personal situation. I'm loving the Toy upgrade version, much more since I bought the Parasound Amp. I've been checking in every week or so to see how the MDAC2 is progressing and the topics of conversation. I enjoy the journey and learn a lot from it.
    I've been on the side lines of this project so far for 4 reasons 1) I'm very happy with the system I've got now and the Dac is probably the least of my worries, 2) I think I'm quite high up the reserves list for the TDAC, 3) you've put absolutely no pressure on us upgraders to make a decision yet and 4) like a couple of others, I can't quite decide what to do with the upgraded board that you so lovingly slaved over for so long.

    But with the most recent plans I think I'll have to jump in, I don't think I could bear all the new functions and software updates everyone else will be enjoying! I'm a very jealous sort in this respect!!

    One question whilst I'm here, I plan to buy a turntable sometime in the next couple of years, no rush. I have no analogue inputs atm. The volume is fixed on the analogue bypass on the MDAC2 and therefore I still need a passive pre. What do I gain from putting the signal through MDAC2 first?
  20. tunkejazz

    tunkejazz non-equilibrium listener

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