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MDAC First Listen (part 00110011)

Discussion in 'audio' started by adamdea, Nov 6, 2016.

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  1. fusion5

    fusion5 on the dark side of hifi...

    I was just thinking about that insane 4 FDAC setup :D

    But then I like the idea of a more simplistic setup: FDAC - VFET - ESL

    Maybe one or two subwoofers connected to a DIC. The later VFET digital input board would even allow for direct sub out on the FDAC main outputs.

    Shouldn't be to hard to sell two of those FDACs.

    I'll have a listen to my old speakers sometime soon. Just to be on the safe side.
  2. jirij

    jirij Virtual Member

    Just ... don't overcomplicate the design/features, please.

    An amp in the hand is worth two in design. (Or how was the saying.) :)
  3. mrflibble

    mrflibble pfm Member

    Good News: My MDAC remote did actually survive its cleaning / degooing!

    It either just needed some time to dry or it was the fact that I forgot that I had disabled the preamp in my MDAC.

    Parts of the remote I still sticky (May have another go at those). The parts that are no longer sticky are where I have managed to rub the top surface off, those parts don't look very attractive.

    The formula I used was:

    (Goo Gone + Elbow Grease) / Fairy Liquid = Less Goo on MDAC remote
  4. Steven Toy

    Steven Toy L3 Toy

  5. JohnW

    JohnW pfm member

    For sure - in fact the plugin Gain stage on the VR amps almost simplifys the development as we can quickly spin variations / modifications etc :)
  6. JohnW

    JohnW pfm member

    Just needed time to dry :)
  7. JohnW

    JohnW pfm member

    The Sowter transformers are used in the Quad QC24P and sound far better then the LL1933 I added externally for listening tests.

    Its far to early to say whats wrong with my analogue setup - but the design of the Quad is rather "interesting"... designed by Tim P from EAR - that said his custom designed transformers do appear to sound good :)

    My analogue front end REALLY lacks Bass - and has upper midrange "forwardness" when music gets complex... but design of the MDAC2 is very much priority ATM.
  8. JemHayward

    JemHayward pfm Member

    Although Tim is an "interesting" individual, I think he really does know his transformers. I used his "The Head" transformer when I had my first m/c cartridge, as a friend had one, and it was superb, but had to go back, and I couldn't find another one I could afford. If the FDAC has to use a m/c transformer, then I think it may be worth talking to EAR about a custom design (I'd certainly pay the premium) - but otherwise why not use a variable gain phono preamp that will cope with the loadings and gain needed for any cartridge (within reason) as most of us would be looking at digital RIAA once all the software is in place.

    I'm trying to hone a m/m setup at the moment, though will probably go back to my DL103 if my arm will behave with it... my case is unusual though!
  9. GWM

    GWM Lost in the 70's

    I have heard his valve phono stage a while back was not for me it was very valvy sounding in all the wrong ways ,soft bass,over lush mid.What cartridge arm combo are you using.
  10. JohnW

    JohnW pfm member

    Pro-Ject 9cc with Technics 300MC (I fondly recall the Technics 300MC on an SME V, Anniversary & PIP2 while working with Pink Triangle).

    Compared to the DAC designs we have been working on recently, the Turntable has practically no Bass - so something wrong.

    For the Midrange "forwardness" is there anything in the turntable step-up that can cause this?

    At this time, those LL1933 where a complete waste of funds :( and I've designed them into FDAC so I'll need to update the design now :(
  11. misterdog

    misterdog Not the canine kind

    Speak to SQ of this parish.

    "And then Simon built me a Paradise phono stage...possibly the single most dramatic improvement in my vinyl replay in 30 years! Wow!"

    A quote from one of his customers.

    Simon has now built 21 of these.

    The Audio DIY team that designed the Paradise are about to launch Zion
    A fully balanced stage.


  12. GWM

    GWM Lost in the 70's

    John its hard to say what the problems are remotely the cart you are using is not familiar to me.It's unlikely the table is causing mid forwardness but who knows not heard the project, sounds more a cart/stage issue possibly RIAA? ,one thing you should do is borrow a good stage to base line your table/arm/cart combo once this is sorted then you know what your own stage is doing,I think there are to many variables at present.
    In the end this may be the trickiest part of the L3 FDAC to get right, vinyl is not as neutral a format in the way digital is even high end systems I have heard still have their own sound.
  13. Mark Dirac

    Mark Dirac pfm Member

    When John posted this earlier this year:

    I have some Irish / Gallic instrumental tracks which are great for testing (we used during the Detox testing yesterday) - but I'm not sure if they where ever released on CD, I'll see if a Music search app. such as "Sound Hound" can recognise them.

    And if you don't already have it - the Cowboy Junkies "The Trinity Session"...

    the Trinity Session was not available at Tidal. But now it is.
  14. toozeup

    toozeup pfm Member

    I thought the rolled off bass and mid-range forwardness were what makes vinyl so likeable, whether it's realistic or not is another issue ;)
  15. GWM

    GWM Lost in the 70's

    That's not what I hear from my set up :D
  16. JohnW

    JohnW pfm member

    For sure thats not what I've heard in the past from Vinyl - even with my systems deficiency the Analogue source is far more "real", far far better sound stage and maybe more importantly depth... every instrument & voice has its own local in space, and no matter how loud the other instruments are you can clearly hear each instrument if you focus your attention to it - it put me into somewhat of a depression for a few days after my first listening session when it was forced home yet again how we lost SOOOOOO much going digital IMO :(
  17. fusion5

    fusion5 on the dark side of hifi...

    Isn't that the reason for the upcoming FDAC?
  18. JohnW

    JohnW pfm member

    Well, from internal engineering tests, DSD128 ADC to "FDAC" replay is VERY transparent - and I see no reason this should not hold up for all truly native DSD recordings - but DSD is WAY ahead of PCM.... the moment the DSD is converted to PCM it all gets "nasty" Digital :(

    You can do the test "on the fly" on the FDAC to hear for yourself...

    I'm not a fan of PCM digital (even 192KHz) - but DSD is stunning :)

    I cannot be held responsible for a lousy format :)
  19. highfi

    highfi pfm Member

    Favourited. Thanks!
  20. sq225917

    sq225917 situation engineer

    John what deck and cart are you using.
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