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MDAC First Listen (part 00111001)

Discussion in 'audio' started by ti33er, Sep 12, 2017.

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  1. Jason_PFM

    Jason_PFM Well-Known Member

    Ok, I'll bite:

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  2. ti33er

    ti33er pfm Member

    ...on the lighter side of Life, I have to admit that is quite funny ;-)
  3. BigDog

    BigDog pfm Member

    It IS getting tougher to wait longer...
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  4. JohnW

    JohnW pfm member

    SMD Stencils are scheduled to arrive from China tomorrow, so I'll be building the MiniStreamers over the weekend :)
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  5. ti33er

    ti33er pfm Member

  6. Rune

    Rune pfm Member

    fantastic that will be an important milestone. Looking forward to getting my hands on the first product from the LakeWest product line :)

    Yes I ordered a MiniStreamer as well :) DevDAC is next :cool:
  7. hluga

    hluga pfm Member

    FB news: first streamer card loaded into SMT machine for programming....
    Production approaching !
    wintoid likes this.
  8. Nick1881

    Nick1881 pfm Member

    Sadly my circumstances have changed and I've moved away from hifi, I now have a cinema setup with AV amp and on wall speakers. I have put my PMC's up for sale and no longer require a DAC or the Detox.

    I hope I can sell on my position when the time comes and the products are available.

    I'm not sure what to do with my modified MDAC and triple Calex PSU, I don't have a use for it but it's not a large item to store.
  9. Coll

    Coll pfm Member

    Hi Nick
    I don't think you will have much luck.
    I have been trying to sell on my FDAC L3 (£500) for over a year.
    My son got into financial trouble and apart from using all our savings we have also sold our house and moved down to sort the problem out.
    I am 70 in a couple of weeks time so cannot save any money now.
    I would love someone to take my place as to be honest I am desperate for some money.
  10. Mark Dirac

    Mark Dirac pfm Member

    Anyone like to meet up at the Bristol show next week? I'll be there fri 23rd.

    (Do I also now need to post this on FB?)
    (God, how I hate Facebook. Why has my FB post appeared in huge letters? Does it appear that way to everyone, or is it just some FB gimmick only for my amusement?)
  11. timola

    timola pfm Member

    I'm not sure yet, but I hoping to make it on Sat, earlylish around midday.
  12. PhilCTTE

    PhilCTTE Senior mumbler

    Wow is it a year ago since we met John
  13. timola

    timola pfm Member

    Yes, are you going this year? I want to have a longer listen in the Kudos room and maybe the Martin Logan speakers(John's cup of tea). I want to see Magnepan speakers too, they were impressive at Windsor a couple of years ago.
  14. PhilCTTE

    PhilCTTE Senior mumbler

    Not sure yet. Don’t want to be tempted ..not as though I can anyway ..as John has all my money
    Just need the VFET’s and FDAC ..I’m happy with the rest of my system
  15. JohnW

    JohnW pfm member

    I might attend as a guest of Project - it be great to meet you all again and yes its crazy how quickly time has flown.

    Yesterday I built the first Ministreamer - so its starting to get busy with production here :)

    I hope that within the next week or two I'll have the production area built - currently the carpenters are making the benches, the floor is starting to fill up with production equipment and components - so the new benches cannot come quick enough, I can all ready see the ball rolling...
  16. Sibbers

    Sibbers pfm Member

    Hey John, I am pretty lost these days - what are the products you have and what are the ballpark estimations for version 1.0 production of each?
  17. Asphaltradler

    Asphaltradler pfm Member

    This question can be answered quite simply and without bothering John.

    function getTimeOfDelivery(product) {
    product = "doesntmatter";
    Date today = getDate();
    int year = today.getYear();
    if (today > new Date("20/12/"+year)) {

    year = year + 1;
    Date christmas = new Date("24/12/" + year);
    return christmas;
    torstoi, jimbot2.0, adamdea and 3 others like this.
  18. Obi1

    Obi1 Swedish HiFi enthusiast

    This is getting funny.
    Will there ever going to be a DAC delivered (last ETA was over a year ago)?
    What about the USB purifier thingy, that was promised to be delivered ages ago?

    I am actually starting to think this is a big hoax!
  19. JohnW

    JohnW pfm member

    The Detox production will follow the Ministreamer Beta units, DevDAC / MDAC2 Streamer then Detox.

    The LakeWest Facebook group has almost daily updates.

    First Ministreamer has been built, with the Beta units shipping over the next couple of weeks.
  20. Obi1

    Obi1 Swedish HiFi enthusiast

    I did not notice anything regarding the DAC that most of us joined up for.
    A year ago you promised to bring a prototype DAC to the WAM (if I am not renembering wrong)

    I think you really need to set up some target dates, and actually deliever what you promised.
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