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MDAC First Listen (part 00111001)

Discussion in 'audio' started by ti33er, Sep 12, 2017.

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  1. JohnW

    JohnW Trade: Lakewest

    Mark - I don't know what to advise here - but you well need an MDAC chassis (Sleeve), Front Panel, Remote control and PSU for the MDAC2 upgrade.
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2018
  2. JTC

    JTC PFM Villager...

    I thought MDAC2 was introducing a new, better PSU, John?
  3. JohnW

    JohnW Trade: Lakewest

    The latest MDAC2 design mitigates the need for a better PSU.

    I'm picturing the FDAC using the MDAC2 PCB with internal PSU and upgraded front panel display. The FDAC using the same CNC screening arrangement as the Detox - full width case...

    This idea is subject to change but it does allow an upgrade path from MDAC2 to FDAC at reduced cost.
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  4. fred sonnen

    fred sonnen pfm Member

    Hi John
    Will it be possible to wait until all the FDAC L3 parts are ready and buy a complete FDAC L3 at once?
  5. JohnW

    JohnW Trade: Lakewest


    Yes for sure - having in house SMT changes everything... I can run production anytime, aslong as I have components available.
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  6. adamdea

    adamdea pfm Member

    Which is the most advanced version? The one with the Ess chip or whatever the other one was? or were there 3?
    Do you think John was saying that all of these be delivered within 6 months, or just the first one. I shall diarise 11th September
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  7. Stunsworth

    Stunsworth pfm Member

    I’ve no idea any more what the chipset and functionality of the first version will be - other than you will need to pay for the streamer board for it to work.
  8. adamdea

    adamdea pfm Member

    It is rather unfortunate that the advanced version which needs the streamer is due to come out first. Given the history of this affair it will require a considerable leap of faith for anyone not to grab the first opportunity they can to cut their losses, even if they aren't keen on the streamer. Equally the dac they do want is pushed back. I guess it depends how much the streamer costs.
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  9. Asphaltradler

    Asphaltradler pfm Member

    I find it rather annoying that John has not responded to that.
    What did "prototype ready in 4 weeks" mean if not that design is practically finished?
    How near can proposed delivery date be and design still slips away over 1 year away? I don't get it. According to that post delivery was certain for November or December 2016 and now even 50 percent of time still has to go into design?? Of what?
    HarryB likes this.
  10. adamdea

    adamdea pfm Member

    At that point John was still concerned that people were getting pissed off and that he had better pull his finger out and produce the mdac2. It subsequently became apparent that he could say more or less anything and nothing much would happen. It became Chistmas then chinese new year. Then Munich. Any fool could see after that that we were actually going backwards. Then after the definitely ready by Munich (May 2017) date, it was all supposed to be ready within a short time after the cottage industry production line was installed in September.
    Frankly if he said "good news it will be delivered in 2025," then the superfans would still say "goodness that is good news." Quite what was really going obn is anyone's guess. Something to do with a volumio tie in?
    Go back to fdac delivery dates
    How about this in May 2016
    or this
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  11. HarryB

    HarryB pfm Member

    Or this from February 26.

    The recipients of these beta units must be delighted.
  12. adamdea

    adamdea pfm Member

    I had actually forgtten that that post was made in response to my post
    "I quite agree that it's a good idea to get something finished. But this is the first time I can remember it has been suggested that the F dac would not be complete this year. Next year sounds a long long way away.

    I think that it would be sensible to create a proper real achievable strict road map for the Fdac and to allow people the option to transfer the payments made for the FDac into mdac2s. Maybe the mdac 2 just is the mdac replacement we've always wanted. I was excited at the idea of the complete ADC\dac phono streamer but maybe I'll have to settle for less."
    For the record I actually opposed the delay caused when the Mdac morphed into the Fdac in the first place. God knows when that was. About 1875.
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  13. Hawtin

    Hawtin Well-Known Member

    Now shush! Stop making these embarrasing observations. I feel my bliss being disturbed!
  14. adamdea

    adamdea pfm Member

    HarryB and Hawtin like this.
  15. Sibbers

    Sibbers pfm Member

    It’s a shame you’re on ignore and John doesn’t actually see anything you post. I think it’s a bit late for a roadmap - next up we’ll have someone suggest offering project management help.

    It’s such a shame to see so many good guys who were fully supportive fall away. I think there must about 5 superfans left.
    HarryB likes this.
  16. Obi1

    Obi1 Swedish HiFi enthusiast

    It is nothing strange about it. A lot of people are sick of waiting!
    Some people starting to think it is all a hoax, me included, and realising there is no chance for them to get their hard earned money back!

    The only thing that can prevent the rest of the fan boys from going down the same path is that something is actually delivered! Hopefully something close to what they where promised!
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    DANOFDANGER pfm Member

    I can understand the fustration, i probably would be too if i was anticipating a time coherent roadmap. But that was never suggested to me, from memory the original website had stated johns reputation of time management. So i expected, although not this many delays or sidetracks, inconsistant delivery dates.

    As a DETOX and FDAC investor, i would prefer a much longer delivery date for a well engineered product that has been given the material to develop from added research and time. Rather than several products over the same timeframe that produce only incremental improvements.

    The journey for me is almost as important as the end product.
    timola likes this.
  18. JohnW

    JohnW Trade: Lakewest

    An update for those not following FB:-

    Ministreamers are waiting for Jarek to complete the Firmware (this is the devices local software that controls the internal circuits). We have the firmware itself working but are having issues with "BootLoader" this is software supplied by the MCU manufacturer ATMEL that allows the internal software to be externally updated (such as if there's a bug or we wanted to change the way the device operates).

    Basically the bootloader allows the "Customer" to update the firmware of the ministreamer. This IS NOT related to the streamer software, but the "device" software that controls the unit itself (think front panel switches, LED's, the devices operating logic).

    If Jarek has not managed to get the Bootloader working by Monday we have two choices:-

    1. Ship the Ministreamer with default firmware (the unit will need to be returned to us if the firmware requires updating for any reason) - this does not effect the upload of streamer software which can be performed by the customer at anytime.

    2. Wait until Jarek cracks the bootloader issue.

    If the Bootloader is not working by Monday then I'll Email the Beta testers with the options.
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2018
  19. HarryB

    HarryB pfm Member

    "Once these 6 Beta Ministreamer are shipped next week I'll start the ball rolling on the Detox."

    Feb 26.
  20. davidjt

    davidjt pfm Member

    We are all frustrated by the delay: some agree with Dan, others don't.

    But just for the sake of balance, there are currently 132 (mostly silent) members of the FB group.
    Sibbers likes this.
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