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Discussion in 'music' started by egodissolve, Mar 3, 2018.

  1. Blackmetalboon

    Blackmetalboon pfm Member

    I’m just in the process of downloading them now.

    With the exception of Spectral Wound and Xanthochroid, the rest were stumbled across by playing a game I call “Black Metal Russian Roulette”. This involves selecting Metal-Black Metal in the discover page and randomly selecting one of the 200 pages the randomly picking an album.

    As for the Keygen Church - ░ ▒ ▓ █ (don’t you just love a pretentious album title!) album, it seems they are linked to Master Boot Record. Their albums seem to be quite popular, have you ever given them a listen?
  2. egodissolve

    egodissolve ....you're telling me Unicorns aren't real!

    Yeah, I have listened to the Master Boot stuff and I tried to get into dungeon synth scene but it just didn't work with me, although the Keygen seemed to approach from a different view point; it was interesting...how do you manage to type the album name :)
    As for the BMRRoulette, what a great app for the little one to play for Christmas!
  3. Blackmetalboon

    Blackmetalboon pfm Member

    I have Mortiis’ early stuff which was Dungeon Synth, these days I have to be in the mood for it.
    As for the album title, copy and paste is your friend here! I’m listening to it now, pipe organ synths, piano & metal. Really enjoying this!
  4. AllyD

    AllyD ex audio room poster

    Being 56 years old, I grew up with old skool classic rock/hard rock/heavy rock. Back then we even thought Sabbath as heavy rock, rather than metal. That all changed with the NWOBHM movement and Tommy Vance's Friday rock show.

    I never made it down to Donnington but did see most of the bands from that era at the Glasgow Apollo. As the 80's wore on my taste in music changed a bit and I found myself rarely revisiting the 70's/80's hard rock/metal genre. I'm back in the fold and need a lot of catching up to do, as 90% of the bands mentioned, I haven't heard of.

    Given my lack of Knowledge of the current scene my choice of album of the year might seem a bit odd. But, I plump for Amorphis - Queen of Time. Lush prog/metal which got better with each listen. An honorable mention for Darkness Divine's debut EP Prelude. A female lead singer and touted as melodic metal, but they have more edge to their sound than other melodic metal bands such as Eden's Curse and Sevendust.

    Had a great night in Bannermans in Edinburgh on Saturday-night with Darkness Divine headlining a four band bill. As good as Darkness Divine were, second on the bill Prognosis a prog/metal outfit from Manchester almost stole the show.

    egodissolve likes this.
  5. cjarchez

    cjarchez pfm Member

    I'm four years behind you and empathise.
    3 tracks into the Definition album by Prognosis and it is, for me, the best recommendation on this thread so far.
    Thanks for that, chuffing brilliant!
  6. cjarchez

    cjarchez pfm Member

    Maybe a classic in this one...

  7. AllyD

    AllyD ex audio room poster

    Cheers cjarchez.

    Aye, I forgot to mention their debut album Definition, it's a cracker. Had a good chat with Danny the vocalist/bassist after the gig. A really nice guy with one of the most impressive big ginger beards I've ever seen.

  8. egodissolve

    egodissolve ....you're telling me Unicorns aren't real!

    Hey Ally, good shout on the Amorphis, I am far behind you age wise as well so you are well at home here!
    Check https://www.angrymetalguy.com/el-cuervos-and-diabolus-in-muzakas-top-tenish-of-2018/
    This might help with some more pointers...

    Hope all you metal guys out there have a top 2019.
  9. egodissolve

    egodissolve ....you're telling me Unicorns aren't real!

  10. egodissolve

    egodissolve ....you're telling me Unicorns aren't real!

  11. AllyD

    AllyD ex audio room poster

    Hi egodissolve, thanks for the heads up. Headbanging right now, though nothing to do with metal.

  12. egodissolve

    egodissolve ....you're telling me Unicorns aren't real!

  13. egodissolve

    egodissolve ....you're telling me Unicorns aren't real!

    What's are you listening too guys? The Sulphur Aeon is still getting lots of plays here....
    (What did you think of Gateway the the Antisphere and Hail Spirit Noir BMB. Also I also heard good reports about the Paara...)
  14. Blackmetalboon

    Blackmetalboon pfm Member

    I had very little time off over Christmas and even less time listening to music, got a lot of catching up to do as I really haven’t given recent purchases enough spins yet.

    I bought Sulphur Aeon’s back catalogue, its very solid. I’m glad you bought them to my attention. I really like the Hail Spirit Noir album, I’ll check out their other albums in due time.

    It’s quite interesting looking over “Best of 2018” lists, there’s a lot of bands I need to check out. I know you recommended Slugdge’s album and it got lots of rave reviews (I’d heard of them but I think the name put me off!) so I gave a few tracks a whirl and it’s now on my Bandcamp wish list.
  15. ssheavy

    ssheavy Active Member

    the new Legion of the Damned!
  16. egodissolve

    egodissolve ....you're telling me Unicorns aren't real!

  17. Blackmetalboon

    Blackmetalboon pfm Member

    Well, that seems to be a complete mess!
    egodissolve likes this.
  18. egodissolve

    egodissolve ....you're telling me Unicorns aren't real!

    You know when you just buy something on someone's recommendation, you know, awesome work, 4.5/5 and all....well I bought the Imperial Triumphant Vile Luxury
    Jesus, its bloody horrible. I hate jazz at the best of times but metal and jazz just doesn't work for me.
    Look, I am one for dissonance in metal, especially when I adore bands like Dodecohedron and Deathspell Omega
    but this is just a step to far into jazz territory for me personally...
    For example take track 7 The Filth, all is relatively accessible until the 5 minute mark then chaos, the last track Luxury in Death is just way out of my understanding, that is just noise to me...
    I will gladly pass the WAV to anyone who wishes to give this a go. An experience I will not want to relive...
  19. deek

    deek pfm Member

    Nah, didn't do much for me either.
    egodissolve likes this.
  20. Blackmetalboon

    Blackmetalboon pfm Member

    I gave this a try shortly after it came out and gained rave reviews, I didn’t buy it but your post made me check it out again. I soon remembered why I didn’t buy it, I couldn’t even finish listening to a whole track! Definitely not for me.
    egodissolve likes this.

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