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[FS] Miles David, Kind Of Blue LP PC8163 issue mint

Discussion in 'music classifieds' started by RichShortland, Nov 21, 2019.

  1. RichShortland

    RichShortland pfm Member

    Miles Davis, Kind Of Blue LP
    There;'s loads of versions of this - mine is the PC8163 issue 1977 US/Canadian
    Plays very nice, sleeve mint, record mint
    Asking £30 posted
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2019
  2. RickyC6

    RickyC6 Infuriate the frog-men

    Not a patch on the real Miles
    RichShortland likes this.
  3. RichShortland

    RichShortland pfm Member

    Damn autocorrect!!!....
  4. lordmortlock

    lordmortlock Mark Audio drivers and TP4 Cartridges

    Haha ... Craig David’s lesser known nephew, Miles ...
    RichShortland likes this.
  5. Joe

    Joe pfm Member

    I will take this please.

    Pm on its way
  6. RichShortland

    RichShortland pfm Member

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